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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

This was an offer to stay at hotels around the country for free if you attend a timeshare sales presentation lasting 120 minutes. It cost $200. Amy Sindle that sold us this said that there never is a problem staying at one of their locations--that is until you call and all their locations are booked up for the year. Maybe next April or May. I am appalled that they have nothing to offer. This is non refundable. I guess I'm out $200. This is a scam to make money they know people wont be able to use.

We have A Membership Sales Agreement to sell my Time Share in Cancun, Mexico with a purchase price of $21,250.
I paid $2,653.00-Temporary Naturalization;$518.00-Tax Identification Number; $3,187.50-State Tax; $4,532.00 Legal & Recording fee; $5,750.00 Customs Clearance. These are all reimbursements. After paying those fees I have to pay a lot more before sending me my money. The total payments I made was over $109,000+. The last that they want me to pay was $25,000.00+ which I told them I don’t have money anymore. They said that they cannot release the fund to me because I have to pay it to the Mexican govt. If I cannot send them the money then the contract will be cancelled. The money deposited in the escrow thru Citibanamex in the amount of $73,038.00 will be refunded to... Read More

Finally, after several years, I was able to use the timeshare I was coerced into purchasing during an extremely long presentation back in 2016. They offer to reimburse my booking fee if I sat through a one-hour presentation. 1 hour turned into over five and a half hours. They lied to me, and to another person I was with in order to coerce me into paying to change my mortgage over to a trust. I was told by the sales person repeatedly that there is an easy exit strategy if it is a trust and that I did not have to pay off the entire mortgage in order to sit and get rid of the timeshare. I was told repeatedly that I only needed two wait 3 months, then contact them and let them know I could not afford the monthly payments. after three months, I contacted the company and was told I wou... Read More

We were in Vegas and we were told we could take a short tour of a new hotel and we would be given free tickets to some attractions as a thank you. The tickets were not free (we paid 20$) and the "tour" was a 4 1/2 hour high pressure sales pitch were we couldn't leave. They repeatedly said "this isn't a timeshare"

Condie Wayne Escrow is a criminal organization targeting Home Owners, mostly property owners with houses good for Time share. In March 2019, I came in contact with Mr. Steve Rogers from linkedIn who allegedly works with BnB LLC International and was well educated in the real estate industry. He came with a juicy offer about a house I had with a standing offer. Although I was intrigued as to how he managed to get my contact info he made a very lucrative business proposition to me regarding my house and putting it up for TimeShare. After doing my research about everything he claimed, it was just too accurate I fell for it . While we are handling “paper work” he was already renting out my property on airbnb and in the process lost me $40,000 worth of money I would have made.
Lu... Read More

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