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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Diamond/Hilton has been awful to us. My husband and I owned with Sunterra originally, until Diamond took over, then Hilton. In 2014, we went to a meeting specifically for previous Sunterra owners. We thought it was to update us on changes since Diamond took over, but it was a sales ploy to force us into an upgrade. They gave us a “special rate” at $4 per point. The same thing happened in 2015. We went to another meeting and were shown amazing upgrades- but we have to buy more points to enjoy them. Oddly enough, we got the same one-time deal as 2014, $4 per point. In 2020, we got talked into another meeting where we said our fees were too high and we were concerned as we were about to retire. We got tricked in to yet another contract for, you guessed it, $4 per point. Except t... Read More

Lies about how long a meeting is, how much you end up paying in the end. They think money grows on trees. They make snide remarks to family when they use the timeshare. They are your friend and can be reached before you have made commitments once you give in to the high pressure they ignore your calls.

While on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019, I was lied to and deceived by the scam of employees at DIAMOND RESORTS. Once again, I repeat DIAMOND, stay as far away as possible! RUN! We were approached by a lady asking my friends and I if we’d like FREE DINNERS and FREE SHOW TICKETS, and of course hearing the word “FREE” instantly we responded to her “OF COURSE”!! , She informed us that there was one thing we had to do to be able to get these free goodies, she told us that we had to attend a 2-hour presentation about vacation ownership, from there this nightmare started. I thought I would just attend the presentation and after that be able to get some free tickets and free dinners but that was not the case at all. During the presentation the employees claimed that ther... Read More

We had purchased in 2021, stupid, high pressure and promises broke us down! Ok mistake pull up your big girl panties and live with it. Now 2022 rolls around, update meeting. And we all know what that means. Hilton has purchased Diamond, the first sales person told us if we did not upgrade to the tune of $20,000. Our choice of vacation locations would be very narrow with Hilton. NO! In comes next sales rep, same song and dance. What we heard your purchase with Diamond is worthless since Hilton has purchased without upgrading. NO! Now the "boss" comes in. Said wait if you give us $4000 today we can "freeze" this for 2 years opportunity to buy into Hilton at $4 a point. Points will be going up to $8 a point soon. NO! Lies decete and scam!

Sent contract for timeshare resale, we briefly reviewed and sent $998 via Zelle to Eralza Hernandez tel # 646-703-3042, less than 24 hours called and canceled contract and that’s when Andrew Morgan, sales manager got online and said after listening to all recordings that, mr Lopez had not been upfront with us and he would refund our money/-told me to go into Zelle account and send to same person, same original amount and then put in special code and it would give error message///I was really stupid to click submit//as soon as I did, it took another $998 from my account—he claimed it did not get to their end and to do again with a different code//I said I damn sure not gonna do that again until some money goes back into my account. He said I have an urgent matter to take ca... Read More

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