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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Below are the parties involved and the esequence of evengts that took place.

X-Treme Travel: Travel agent who also stated they were the buyer
Max Robles Ext 118
Brett Wolf Ext 106
Rio Mississipi 49,
Cuauhtemac, CDMX, Mexico
[email protected]

Lauren A. Shenian: Lawyer assigned to facilitate the sale
Nataly Morales
213 2nd Ave NW,
Jamestown, ND 58401
[email protected]

Sandra Caela Adams (lawyer who is also a partner and helping Lauren)
444 U.S. 12
Detroit, MI 48226

Profeco: Procuradaria Federal Del Consumidor
Consumer Protection Agency in Mexico
Rafael Ochoa Morales
Federal Prosecutor Profeco
[email protected] Read More

2 orgs trying hustle me one is c/o Grand-view Las Vegas po box 9610 coral springs florida other is the Grand-view at las Vegas po box 405947 po box Atlanta Ga 30384-5947 can u stop them from sending me to debt collection crooks? i yold this compnay to cancel this but they transferred my name i can pay due to fires innorthern calif we are out of work

I was told that the bank had some money in it from a prior scam and they were going to return it to me of course after multiple fees we paid and it just never ended as always more fees of some sort are always asked for.

I was originally contacted by Xtreme Travel to purchase my Pueblo Bonito timeahare. I stated i actually have another timeshare i need to sell ,Welks. Xtreme travel stated they are based out of Mexico and offered to purchase it for what i owe. Which was what i wanted. So after i agreed they had a public notary from North Dakota contact me by email and phone, Lee Ann Schneider. She had me sign some forms as well. Max Robles then contacted me to say that PROFECO, a part of the Mexican Government who regulates purchases and sales of timeshares is requesting i wire $3K to cover the processing of paperwork needed by the public notary. They stated they would reimburse me the $3K in the wire they were sending me. So i wired the $3K. Then i was contaced by the bank of ny. Who stated they ... Read More

What a bunch of crap!
I hope Karma crushes is life & family. People like this need to get a legitimate job that does not try to rip off people. May you rot in Hell. Everything that was said and processed was a total lie! Once I determined that they were not on the UP! The sad part is the they are allowed to operate in the USA. The BBB has and can not do what they need to do to stop this kind of fraud. I have now been blocked all phone numbers are block for me to access.

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