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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We bought timeshare in Sedona
Paid $15000 we only had half chair , and points paid full maintance fee
Whant to sell it they say no and had to take us to court

They contacted me about a vacation club property we own to be sold to a company based in Mexico. We were offered a lot for the property but were told that we need to pay for a federal tax ID. This was handled through a company called and we spoke to a woman name "Frida Smith" and a man named "Michael Galci". We were not told about any other expenses upfront. We were told that once we got the tax ID, the money would be wired to our account within 48 hours then we could pay the commission about 7K. A week later we were told that there is a new law that requires us to pay a tax. I settled and paid the fee. Then 2 weeks later we got hit with ANOTHER fee supposedly for closing costs. We refused to pay another cent. Now, the attorney who works for th... Read More

Please everyone who is interested in purchasing a timeshare from Wyndham. (BEWARE)
If I could select 0 STARS I would.

We were approached by a Wyndham Rep in the mall who gave us coupons, 4 25.00 food vouchers, for $40.00 and promised a 50 dollar AMEX gift card once we attended/completed the presentation.
We recieved a receipt of what we were verbally promised. And on the back of the receipt said we will not be PRESSURED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING, AND THE REP THAT WE MET THE FOLLOWING DAY SAID THE SAME. (LIES)

My dad, and family attended the seminar the next day, and toured the resort in Texas which lasted 4 1/2 hours. Which was 2 1/2 hours longer than the rep told us. 1st off my dad whom is a disabled veteran was offered a timeshare for $695.00 17% (interest for financing) plus asse... Read More

Contacted me after seeing my timeshare for sale on Craigslist. Sounded professionaL - claimed hearing disabilities. Negotiated properly and professionally - then the scam.
Will send $2900 check - I keep $500 and send $2400 to Richard Lane at [email protected] Contact her by text 618-505-4969 - [email protected] Richard's number 504-517-2064. She going to audiology center - out 10 weeks. Richard unreachable -currently out of country. But this will help speed up closing! Oh yeah!

Hello everyone, I was reading through these comments , ando thought you should know. I was also working with bnb llc international , and they are a legit company. I received 23,456 dollars for my vacation home. You have nothing to worry about. I’m actually on vacation with my whole family thanks to all the hard work bnb llc international did for me. Great service they will work for you diligently until you receive your money.

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