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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Called un solicited. Told me had a buyer and to send $299 through Walmart made payable to Katherine Jean Heath. When the money was purchased I was to call backand give the reference number and the title search would be completed the next day. Money would be sent the very next day

was in Mexico on vacation and was enjoying a vacation at our timeshare, we were aproched to look a another timeshare. We took the offer to see a new timeshare resort and at he presentation we were offered to sell our timeshare we had, we have one in Colorado and one in Mexico, After the told us that we could make double what we payed we said ok. The sales person would call us when we got back to the states. He (Mike Fry) did call and said he had a person that would purchase our timeshares, we had to send $1,500 each for the closing cost for the timeshares and to wire transfer the money to a Mexico bank. We did and he said it would take about 6 weeks for the process. We waited and had not see any payment. We e-mailed the company and the Administration Department said we should hav... Read More

These people called me and offered me money to buy my TimeShare. I didn't know that I was being scammed until they wanted me to pay for taxes on the money that was promised to me. They had me thinking that I was paying off my TimeShare but the $4801.00 went to them. They have threatened me and harassed me for more money since then. Now the Timeshare company ( Unlimited Vacations is coming to me, asking for money and I don't know what to believe. I was told by a member of the TimeShare company that my package was paid. Now they are saying that I owe money for my package. I feel as if I have been conned and victimized twice and they are trying to scam me again.

They had all the information on our timeshares and sounded like the real thing, but we broke all the rules in accepting their offer to get us out of our RCI timeshare. We gave them $2000 with a promise to send $1000 more in June. One gave us his card, but after he left, we saw it had no name, just the company.
We've tried to call them repeatedly. Their website is supposedly being worked on.

I implore you to stay away. This place might look beautiful, but underneath that beauty is immense dishonesty and deceit. They will go to any lengths to get you to buy. We originally purchased our membership in October of 2017 after being held captive for 6 hours.

Upon using our membership for the first time in March, we were informed we did not purchase what we absolutely thought we had purchased - the Grand Mayan. We were put in the Grand Mayan for this "one time only". You see...when you visit your resorts, you have "classes of customers". Lower class (Mayan Palace, The Bliss, etc) cannot participate in the things the Upper Class (Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, Lux, etc) can participate in.

There are so many, many reasons I am telling you to stay away!

Upon o... Read More

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