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  • How to sell my timeshare for free:

    Selling your timeshare may be necessary if you have found yourself no longer having time to enjoy your annual vacations or simply because you can't afford the mortgage and maintenance fees any longer. Here at Timeshare Marketplace, you can easily list your unit and sell timeshare property without going through any of the major hassles. To take advantage of our premier timeshare listing service, all that needs to be completed is a simple form with some information about yourself and your timeshare unit. Rather than doing all the work to find a buyer on your own, Timeshare Marketplace will do all the legwork for the easiest experience possible.
    There's no need to pay upfront fees to sell your timeshare that may or may not sell. At Timeshare Marketplace, you are able to sell timeshare property or rent your unit for free. Not only will you have no upfront fees to pay, but prospective buyers will not either, making this the ideal place to sell your property. Before listing your unit for sale, it is always best to contact friends, family and other owners to see if anyone is interested in buying. You may also need to get permission from your home resort to make the sale. After making all of the necessary arrangements to sell the timeshare, the heavy volume of traffic that timeshare websites receive will lead potential buyers to your property in a hurry. There's truly no easier way to make a sale than by using our services.

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  • What should you know before buying a timeshare?

    Timeshare owners are able to take advantage of wonderful vacation opportunities that they may not have been able to experience otherwise. Whether you've dreamed about taking a trip to Hawaii, going on holiday in Europe or simply vacationing close to home, timeshares can provide you with everything that you've ever wanted out of a vacation. Unlike hotels, timeshares offer much larger accommodations, providing space for the whole family. They are available in one to three bedroom units and more if needed.
    When thinking about buying a timeshare, the first thing that you should consider is if you want to enjoy your vacation in the same spot annually or would rather enjoy getaways to locations all over the world. By becoming a member of a Vacation Club, you are not tied down to just one home resort, but can stay at any of the club's numerous resorts for a new and exciting getaway every year. If there is a specific area that you love vacationing at, you should focus on looking into timeshare resorts in that location. While you will own at one main resort, you will still be able to bank your weeks or points for stays at other resorts.
    Before jumping into the opportunity to buy timeshare property at the first resort that you look at, it is important to do your research and speak with timeshare sales representatives at a variety of resorts. You will also want to know the facts such as yearly maintenance fees, if you're working with weeks or points and if your week is flexible or scheduled at the same time each year. Some resorts may also offer several weeks to their owners and not just one. Sales people, other timeshare owners and online user reviews will be able to give you further insight as to which type of ownership and resort is right for you.
    While some resorts may have brand new timeshare properties to offer you, others may only be resales from current owners. Never pay up-front fees that you are not sure about. Purchase agreements and deeds should always be reviewed with your lawyer before signing any dotted lines.

    Timeshares for sale by owner.
  • Timeshare Rentals

    Timeshare owners may be interested in renting one of their weeks that they are not planning to use. Whether sometime has come up over your regularly scheduled vacation time or you would simply rather stay home this year, you can always rent timeshare property and make some money off of your missed vacation. You could earn as much as a couple thousand dollars just by renting that week that you're not planning to use anyway. People from around the world rent timeshare units at various resorts especially during prime season for the area. While this may seem like your best option, it can be confusing to get started when you have never rented your timeshare weeks before.
    Ability to Rent
    Before starting the rental process, you must find out from your home resort whether or not you are technically allowed to rent it. Some resorts prohibit your ability to rent your timeshare, whether they were bonuses or your regularly scheduled weeks. Be sure to look at your original Deed and paperwork to the timeshare to see if renting is mentioned. Contact your home resort to ask them about renting your unit. If it is allowed, see if they have any recommendations about where to list the property or if they can rent it for you.
    Renting Through Your Resort
    One of the easiest ways to rent timeshare property is through your home resort. If they offer this option, they will take care of all of the advertising and finding a renter for you. Typically, you will receive the majority of the profit made, while the resort takes out a cut for their work. For example, you may get 75% of the rental fee while the resort takes 25% out. Because you are eliminating all of the work, this is a great option.
    Renting Timeshares Yourself
    When deciding to rent the timeshare yourself, call your home resort anonymously and ask for their current rental rates, along with a rate sheet and contact numbers for agents that typically list their properties. Now that you have a good idea of how much you can get for your timeshare rental, contact a listing agent who can assist you in getting the word about your rental out there. If you'd prefer not to use a listing agent, post your rental in classified newspaper ads and on vacation rental websites.
    If you're looking to rent a timeshare week from current owners, Click Here
    If you're a timeshare owner and would like to rent your timeshare week? Click Here.
  • List your timeshare for Sale or Rent for Free

    Renting Timeshare
    Owning a timeshare can be an amazing experience who those who like to travel a lot. However, sometimes things can come up that will disrupt your vacation plans and can cost you to potentially lose your week. Renting the week can take loads of time out of your days with finding somewhere to advertise, looking into the current rental rates, adding a variety of information about your unit and then working with an agent to make the rental legal. Now with the help of Timeshare Marketplace, you can list timeshare property for absolutely free and gain money off the rental rather than losing your week and your cash.
    Selling Timeshare
    Not only is renting a timeshare made easier through Timeshare Marketplace, but selling is made simple as well. In some cases, timeshare owners may simply not have the time or money to continue vacationing on a regular basis like they once were. The timeshare could be burning an unnecessary hole in your pocket. The thought of going through the selling process can be quite dreading and seem like a lot of work, but not it doesn't have to be. Timeshare Marketplace will take care of all of the legwork for you, whether you're interested in renting or selling your timeshare unit.
    Timeshare Marketplace Services
    List your timeshare unit for free and get it out there to those who are interested in either renting or buying a timeshare of their own. Simply input your timeshare's information once and Timeshare Marketplace takes care of the rest of the work. Potential buyers and rentals will be able to browse through the large database to find the perfect vacation spot for their needs. They will be able to find your timeshare by searching for the name of the resort, the city or state and features that they'd prefer to have. Your listing will include amenities located on-site and things to do nearby. Simply fill in the form and the rest of the work is done for you.