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Holiday Inn has yet to get back to us about our issues with our timeshare with them. We see this as another reason the company does not care about us as customers. We want out of our timeshare and a refund!

Our timeshare with Holiday Inn is a huge mess!
We would like out of our timeshare with Holiday Inn because we were told we would get something beautiful and then we were told they couldn’t find us in the system because ou names were too common. Holiday Inn has yet to acknowledge our complaints and we want somebody to help us on how to give this back.

Thank you.

This timeshare with Holiday Inn is awful and I need to please give this timeshare back and get some kind of refund. My wife and I are trying to have a baby and need the money for very expensive medical needs. Please could someone get back to me on how I can just give this mess back?

Dave Martin

Holiday Inn has not gotten back to me about my issue with my timeshare and I need out of this mess now. I was told it was a great investment for me and the fact that it could also go to my son was a great thing or that’s what I thought. As it turns out this is nothing but a financial strain for me.
After doing an upgrade that I was pushed into getting because I was on vacation and I just really wanted to be done and enjoy my family time. I regret that upgrade. I regret getting my timeshare more than anything. I need to cancel my contract. The high taxes are exhausting me. The maintenance fees keep rising and I feel like I’m in a huge money pit that I can not get out of.

Holiday Inn will not get back to us on how we can get out of this timeshare nightmare we have been lied to through the whole process and can not afford this any longer and want out and our money back.

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