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Terms & Conditions is a For Sale/Rent cooperative advertising company and is not a real estate broker. The cooperative advertising program involves pooling advertising resources with those of other sellers/lessors to maximize exposure to potential buyers/renters of vacation property. is not involved in any negotiation for sale/rent, closing or procuring of buyers; and forwards all inquiries about your vacation property directly to you and allows you to negotiate the sale/rental of your vacation property without the involvement of any broker and without any commission.

After the listing form is submitted, it must be approved by one of our administrators in order to appear on the Site. retains the right to deny any listing at any time without an explanation. cannot and does not appraise the value or rental price of your timeshare property. The sales or rental price of your property has been established by you, the owner, and has made no representations as to the sales/rental price that you may receive. Although your timeshares will be exposed to millions of potential buyers/renters as a result of advertising program, does not have a specific buyer/renter at the present time. is not affiliated with your resort, or any third party organization, and is not a real estate broker, so you will be negotiating directly with the potential buyer/renter for the sales/rental price. has made no representations as to the period of time that it will take to sell or rent your timeshare, the success rate of our advertising program, or the sales/rental price that you may receive.

The marketing period and sales/rental price is determined by market conditions, and the size, location, resort, amenities, and week that you desire to sell/rent. Because we are an advertising company, and are not involved in the sale/rental, or the negotiation for sale/rental, we are unable to provide you with statistics of the percentage of sales/rentals as a result of our advertising program. Our advertisers typically do not inform us when their timeshare is sold or rented. is an advertising company that does extensive advertising in print, the radio, search engines, and other advertising mediums to drive buyers/renters to our web site, or to call us by phone for information about our listed timeshare properties. does not specifically advertise your timeshare in our advertising program. Your advertisement is on web site, but not specifically on the other advertisements. We do not specifically go to your resort to show your property, and are unable to personally assist you in the sale/rental of your timeshares. Our staff can and will assist potential buyers/renters in finding a suitable timeshare from our advertising listings. The undersigned owner(s) grant(s) to permission to advertise the property on the internet and otherwise, to make information concerning the property available to potential buyers, renters, real estate agents, brokers and others. I/we agree that there is no guarantee that the property will sell or rent at any price or within a particular amount of time. All offers will be delivered electronically to the email address that has been provided in Owner Information listed above. All offers will be sent by network of servers . It is Owner's responsibility to monitor all email correspondence and ensure email address is accurate, as offers will not be delivered any other way other than electronically via email.