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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I had someone from there sale department call me by the name Florence asking if we wanted to sell are time share. So my husband I thought about it and we were not using it no more. We say yes why not . Timeshare Resales Source send us the paper work we had to sing and send them a fee for marketing of $998.00 that was pay by my husband card. And if they did not sell are time share in laps of ten months we can put a offer to them with there broker. So they can gives between 5000 to 8000 .
So we did ask the broker to offer us a price and to my surprise they offer us $79.09 plus we still had to pay them $479.00 on top of that. So at the end of all of this they still won and took are money $998.00.
Please help us .

After receiving a telephone contact from a representative of Timeshare Resale Source, I entered into a contract, effective 10/28/12, with this entity for advertisement and sale of a vacation rewards program which I had purchased. The Timeshare representative led me to believe that I could receive between $8500 and $10,000 from sale of my vacation rewards membership. I paid Timeshare the required $997 advertisement fee. The contract that I entered into included an option for me to request in writing that a real estate broker submit an offer on behalf of and for Timeshare Resale Source to purchase my "timeshare." I exercised the broker purchase option by submitting the required, completed form on 10/21/13. After numerous follow-up phone calls to Timeshare Resale Source an... Read More

Contract dated Oct 25, 2012. Have never heard anything from them although they told me they would be able to sell my unit quickly

Worried about our timeshare sale in reading reviews from previous victims. March 5, 2013 we signed contract and gave up $1098.00 for a marketing fee to list our Las Vegas timeshare for sale. They are listing our timeshare for $24200.00 to $26900.00 and are promising to buy it within 10 months which would be coming up about January 4th of 2014. I am not feeling to positive about the outcome and if all those reviews are true and we come out short then something should be done to close these people down. They should be sued and they are close enough to me to picket their offices if necessary in rider to get some kind of attention!!!! Imagine how many millions they may have made already off us hard working individuals!! Hopefully someone with some pull reads all these complaints and... Read More

I paid $999 for timeshare resale source to advertise my timeshare for sale for their suggested price of $27,000 with a guaranteed broker purchase option if it didn't sell in 10 months. 18 months later, after repeated attempts to contact the company by telephone - I received my offer letter within 3 days of my last conversation with the rude receptionist. My offer letter says "Today's market price is $154.50..." I think the snitty little receptionist either put my offer letter together or influenced Laurie Hart (the signer of the letter) - to write it. Or it may just be the way this company does business. I'm sure they are laughing all the way to the bank with our hard earned money - but I would rather be poor than a crook.

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