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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I was approached by Michael Burgess with Worry Free Timeshares via email. He wanted to sell my timeshare and offered to advertise it online with no "up front" fees. After a few weeks, Shannon Dinello agreed to purchase my timeshare. Worry Free asked me to pay them $325 for their services & told me I would get my money back if the deal fell through. Shannon contacted me & said she was sick & could not go through with the deal. I found that both Michael & Shannon have been doing this over & over. Now that my 18 month contract is up, no one at the company will call me back & return my money.

My timeshare with Holiday Inn has done nothing but increase over 8 years. That includes my membership dues, maintenance fees, and property tax, finance charges, and late charges. The fact that this would go to my children if something happens to me is just crazy. I was unaware of this until recently. I am retired and I have health issues with many medical bills. I cannot continue to struggle to make payments any longer and would like to get help to cancel my timeshare, I am being charged for so many different fees. I do not want to keep this anymore. I am struggling to keep up with all my bills and with everything going on right now I have no desire to travel and I regret getting into this mess and have lost all desire to use it anymore because of how
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I really need to follow up on this and hopefully get my money back since this has been a very expensive experience.
please tell me what my next step is so that I can continue my investigation.
received the phone call on April 21, 2019 about this organization can help rent out my extra/unused weeks to make some extra money. I had to initiate the phone calls to them on how things were progressing. they would all of a sudden have a resort that I would have to follow up on and guess what...the resorts never had the right unit available that was being requested. I have been trying for since August on how to report this to the law enforcement but not finding the proper way to handle this.
hopefully someone can give me some insight of what steps I need to take based on others experiences.

The used me and I was in my room terrified of what was going on outside my room so I called the customer service crying for about a week and they kept telling me what I wanted to hear but they never called me back and I was inside with a knife scared the we hope time because employees and people kept harassing me. When I left I felt so uncomfortable and disrespected and I did everything I could.

Everytime I tried to ask for help from diamond resorts I was bullied and hurt and now I feel manipulated by the whole company after my stay they.

The entire company is a scam.

Every review I've left online they've overlapped me saying they helped me when they really didn't.

Holiday Inn is not a good company and they could care less about their customers! I had my credit card information stolen my the booking agent she bought pizza and Nike shoes. My money was given back o me but now I have no trust in Holiday Inn and I want out and want my money back that I have spent on this timeshare nightmare!

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