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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I was cold contacted at home by Frederick Collins a broker claiming to be from Simply Real Estate in NYC interested in making an offer on my Mexican Mayan timeshare. I told him I received several scams offering the same deal every week. Of course he said this made his job harder but he was legitimate. He already knew all of my information as it is likely public record or has been sold to many scammers. As usual, the tipoff that this was a scam was the offer of $69,000, a ridiculously high amount. A quick search shows that these scammers are imitating a true Real Estate company in that area with the same name. Avoid this fake company offering to buy your Mexican timeshare.

I paid $17,000 up front to be a ‘member’, but when I tried to make a reservation I noticed that member’s fee was higher than non-members fee. How’s that possible? It was supposed that one of the benefits to be a member was to have lower fees, better access and treatment than others, but it isn´t the case. All this resort wants is to know clients who gain more money so that they can steal from them. I made a complain to the resort for this reason, and what they told me was that if a wanted a better treatment I had to pay $4000 more so that I could upgrade my membership and get more benefits. Why do I have to pay more money to get a better treatment and to book a room when non-members don’t need to pay more than the booking fee for their room? DO NOT PAY A TIMESHARE MEMB... Read More

I honored my agreement in full. My contract ended in 2020 of this year. But now they are saying that I signed an agreement for 30 years which I would never do. I want this to end. Having attempted to visit the resort, the times I requested were never available so basically I paid them for nothing.

You are aware of the scam.

This Co. called me mentioned that their client wants to offer 45K for 10 weeks/ 10 units of my Moon Palace stay. The clients will also pay for their own all-inclusive stay.
This too good to be true, if you read the fine print "5% rate charge at closing." That is $2250 you will have to pay to close this transaction. This is a CON! After you paid the 5% you will never get your 45K, the client will cancel the offer. Your 5% just provided their vacation at Cancun Moon Palace.

Holiday Inn is one of the worse companies ever. I want out of my timeshare with them and I want a refund of my money! This timeshare was a lie! I have not been able to use this as they said I could and my fees go up every year!

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