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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We were at an event and saw a booth offering a free cruise and golf in exchange for attending a 90-minute presentation. We felt like this was a fair trade, so we decided to attend. This began our terrible experiences with Diamond. We were in that presentation for over 6 hours! We left cold, hungry, and believing that this was a real estate investment, and the rental income would more than cover our ownership costs. A month later, we started getting calls asking us to attend a “new owner orientation”. Since we could not figure out the reservation system, we felt that this was a great way the get our questions answered. This was just another sales presentation! We were told that an upgrade would allow us to write this off as a second home; what a great benefit! We o... Read More

We visited the Diamond Cancun Resort in Las Vegas in June. Upon check-in, we were offered a three-day stay in exchange for a one-hour tour. We felt like this was a reasonable exchange and decided to accept. When we arrived, we told the sales rep that we were vacationing with our children and that they were alone in the room waiting for us so we could only spend the allocated one hour. We also told him that we were not interested in making a purchase, but he was quick to assure us that there were amazing deals in place due to the pandemic. We told him that our income had been severely impacted by the pandemic, yet the continued to push forward. It was like he couldn’t hear us. After saying no for hours, we finally relented, especially since we were told that there would ... Read More

In 2018, my family visited Liki Tiki Village in Orlando. Upon check-in we were directed to Member Services and were asked to attend a 1-hour sales presentation in exchange for a gift card. We were in the sales center for hours, being pressured by their employees to make a purchase. This took far longer than the one hour advertised, which left our son on the play area for an extended time. We left that presentation feeling like we had made an investment in the future for our family. When we tried to use points for a trip, we were sent to a “member update” which was really just another sales presentation. We were told that an upgrade of our status would allow us to sell this membership if we ever wanted to no longer be owners. Since that day, we have learned that everyt... Read More

We were visiting Universal Studios in Florida when we were approached by Diamond employees and offered show tickets in exchange for listening to a presentation. The presentation was more than 30 minutes from the hotel where we were staying, and the presentation took FAR longer than the 45 minutes were originally told. The four different employees that we met with led us to believe that this was a fantastic investment and money-making opportunity, so we decided to purchase. However, we were not given the opportunity to view the documents that we were signing or read the fine print. To make matters worse, we were not even given copies to take home and read! We received our signed copies a month after this meeting – far beyond the five-day cancellation period! This, on top of the ... Read More

This timeshare has been a nightmare for us and we can not afford it anymore and would like for Holiday Inn to please help us and please let us give it back or just give us options to get out. We can not afford to keep paying the fees. We are into much debt over this.

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