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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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My wife and I were in Las Vegas when we were approached by Diamond Resorts representatives at Circus Circus. They asked if we would be interested in receiving free tickets to dinner and a show as a gift for our attendance at a one-hour presentation. When we signed up, our yearly income did not meet their minimum, but the rep said not to worry about it, which in hindsight, should have been a huge red flag! At the presentation, when the first offer was presented, we told them that this was way more than we could afford. After 4 hours of continuous better and “one-day only offers”, we finally gave in. The employees led us to believe that this would be an investment for us and our family. The one time we have used this membership, we could not make reservations in Hawaii li... Read More

In July 2019, we were contacted by Diamond and told that we needed to attend another presentation since our two-year vacation plan was ending. At this presentation, we were told that our only choice was to purchase a new package at a higher cost, or we would lose out on what we had already spent. After five hours of intense sales pressure, we left with what we were led to believe was a 10-year plan. However, a few months later, at the resort in Virginia, we were told that this was not the case and that what we had purchased had no value. Why would they allow their sales staff to sell something with no value?? We were told that by upgrading to a silver package, we would be making a real estate investment. When we told the salesperson that we were looking to purchase a home s... Read More

We were visiting Universal Studios in Florida when we were approached by Diamond employees and offered show tickets in exchange for listening to a presentation. The presentation was more than 30 minutes from the hotel where we were staying, and the presentation took FAR longer than the 45 minutes were originally told. The four different employees that we met with led us to believe that this was a fantastic investment and money-making opportunity, so we decided to purchase. However, we were not given the opportunity to view the documents that we were signing or read the fine print. To make matters worse, we were not even given copies to take home and read! We received our signed copies a month after this meeting – far beyond the five-day cancellation period! This, on top of the ... Read More

We first learned of Diamond when we were approached by one of their employees while walking in downtown Las Vegas. They offered free gifts in exchange for attending a short sales presentation, which we accepted. We were told of all of the lavish vacations that we could take and all of celebrities that we would be able to vacation with. This seemed too good to be true, but we decided to purchase a sampler package to try it out. Since that day we have upgraded multiple times as we were told that this was the only way to keep the investment that we had already made. We were told multiple times that we could use our points for things like airfare – which we learned later was untrue. We feel that we were told lies constantly to manipulate us into making these purchases. We w... Read More

Beware of ANY encounters with Diamond. We have been in countless meetings with them over the years where their employees have told us that we would earn millions of dollars in equity when they became a public company. At one point we tried to cancel our contract within the legal cancellation period we were denied. When we have tried to discuss our concerns with their legal department, they never return our calls. We are extremely concerned that our children will become responsible for this nightmare. Do not do business with this company.

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