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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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On Monday July 25, 2022 I called Diamond Resort Help line to inform them that my wife had a stroke and had difficulties walking, and with long and short term memory. As a result of her physical and mental problems we will not be traveling for at any time in the future. I asked for help exiting the time share. I was told that I had to pay off all outstanding money owed. I had a binding contract and there was nothing I could do. Once everything was paid off, there could be a $1,000 fee to leave. Talk about a no help desk.

Beware of Diamond Resorts!!! Don’t get trapped into a timeshare with Diamond. They are crooks! When
they sell you a timeshare, they paint a beautiful picture of being an owner, but it’s all lies. Unless you’re
looking to be in financial ruin, DO NOT trust their sales agents. I was told I was buying an “investment”
but that turned out to be an awful lie. I’m stuck with the burden of ever-increasing maintenance fees,
special assessment fee and a huge financial liability on my family! No matter how many times you
decline to purchase a timeshare, they keep the pressure and lies on you until you cave in. What they are
doing is very evil and they are very good at disguising it as a one in a lifetime opportunity. They
constantly try and get me to upgrade! My wife and I were ... Read More

While on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019, I was lied to and deceived by the scam of employees at DIAMOND RESORTS. Once again, I repeat DIAMOND, stay as far away as possible! RUN! We were approached by a lady asking my friends and I if we’d like FREE DINNERS and FREE SHOW TICKETS, and of course hearing the word “FREE” instantly we responded to her “OF COURSE”!! , She informed us that there was one thing we had to do to be able to get these free goodies, she told us that we had to attend a 2-hour presentation about vacation ownership, from there this nightmare started. I thought I would just attend the presentation and after that be able to get some free tickets and free dinners but that was not the case at all. During the presentation the employees claimed that ther... Read More

My husband and I attended a timeshare presentation which lasted more than four hours and ended with us signing a contract with Gold Key Resorts/Ocean Beach Club/Diamond Resorts.

The presentation started with a young saleswoman who talked about the resort’s Ocean Beach Club. She then shared her life story: how she was jilted at the altar and how she was dealing with that by using her timeshare to vacation on some island. The second salesman joined in on the conversation. He talked about how the timeshare was a good real estate investment and how it would save us money on vacations because we'd only have to pay a $100 fee to book our week. He didn’t touch on the maintenance fees at all. I think the saleswoman’s sob story and the salesman’s divorce were tactics because the... Read More

My wife and I were in Las Vegas when we were approached by Diamond Resorts representatives at Circus Circus. They asked if we would be interested in receiving free tickets to dinner and a show as a gift for our attendance at a one-hour presentation. When we signed up, our yearly income did not meet their minimum, but the rep said not to worry about it, which in hindsight, should have been a huge red flag! At the presentation, when the first offer was presented, we told them that this was way more than we could afford. After 4 hours of continuous better and “one-day only offers”, we finally gave in. The employees led us to believe that this would be an investment for us and our family. The one time we have used this membership, we could not make reservations in Hawaii li... Read More

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