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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Received “letter of intent” to purchase timeshares for much more than initial purchase price. They controlled esscrow company and offer had a 5% broker fee along with a 5% hold back after purchase. Website and voicemail are simply shells and not professional.

My husband and I got involved in a orientation through pigeon forge. We were to be at the preview center in August 2019 at 8 am. We arrived early and really just went to get our money back that we spent at Captian Jim's seafood buffet and they also said we would get a free 3 day 2 night trip to pigeon forge TN for a gift. They said we would not be there but for 120 minutes. We met with Carey he dud the orientation and he tried to sell us points and we told him no at least 6 different times. They just kept on and on and on and sending more and more people filling our heads with what I thought at the time was stressful and kind of pressuring too. We kept telling them that we couldn't afford what they were selling and we needed to leave because we had a 6 hour drive home. They kept ... Read More

My husband and I received a phone call in regards to selling our travel smart vip membership. We were offered $50,000 for our $35000 membership. We were of course interested. We were then called by a law firm by the name of terrijames law office. We were emailed extensive documentation. We checked out the law firm, everything looked 100% legitimate. The only catch was that we had to pay off our amount owing of $28000. We were then contacted by travel smart to whom sent us all of the wire information. These were not the real travel smart people and my money is gone. This was our savings for my husbands upcoming medical treatments.
This has absolutely ruined our lives. They still answer travel smart from one number and Terri James law office from the other. We are devastated, We h... Read More

This was an offer to stay at hotels around the country for free if you attend a timeshare sales presentation lasting 120 minutes. It cost $200. Amy Sindle that sold us this said that there never is a problem staying at one of their locations--that is until you call and all their locations are booked up for the year. Maybe next April or May. I am appalled that they have nothing to offer. This is non refundable. I guess I'm out $200. This is a scam to make money they know people wont be able to use.

We have A Membership Sales Agreement to sell my Time Share in Cancun, Mexico with a purchase price of $21,250.
I paid $2,653.00-Temporary Naturalization;$518.00-Tax Identification Number; $3,187.50-State Tax; $4,532.00 Legal & Recording fee; $5,750.00 Customs Clearance. These are all reimbursements. After paying those fees I have to pay a lot more before sending me my money. The total payments I made was over $109,000+. The last that they want me to pay was $25,000.00+ which I told them I don’t have money anymore. They said that they cannot release the fund to me because I have to pay it to the Mexican govt. If I cannot send them the money then the contract will be cancelled. The money deposited in the escrow thru Citibanamex in the amount of $73,038.00 will be refunded to... Read More

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