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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I hat having a timeshare and Holiday makes it very hard and give no help to the owners on want money and fees go up every year.

Holiday Inn HAs up my fees some much I can not afford this timeshare anymore and I would like out and my money back.

This year (2020) was the third and final year of our Limited Edition program through which we were terminating our timeshare ownership. In March we drove from our home in Michigan to Florida but our reservations were cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. After that we heard nothing. During the summer we realized that the virus was continuing to be a problem and we would not feel comfortable to travel or stay in a resort. We began calling and writing letters to Wyndham Limited Edition asking them to consider extending our 549,000 VIP points into 2021 because of the unusual circumstances. On Dec. 1st we were finally informed that they would not and our points would terminate on 12/31/20. We were also reminded that we could not make "guest reservations", meaning that we w... Read More

We first learned of Diamond when we were approached by one of their employees while walking in downtown Las Vegas. They offered free gifts in exchange for attending a short sales presentation, which we accepted. We were told of all of the lavish vacations that we could take and all of celebrities that we would be able to vacation with. This seemed too good to be true, but we decided to purchase a sampler package to try it out. Since that day we have upgraded multiple times as we were told that this was the only way to keep the investment that we had already made. We were told multiple times that we could use our points for things like airfare – which we learned later was untrue. We feel that we were told lies constantly to manipulate us into making these purchases. We w... Read More

I originally owned a timeshare with another company that was purchased by Diamond. I was told by their sales reps that I needed to upgrade my membership to remain in their system or that I would lose all of the equity that I had accumulated. I felt that I had no choice but to make a purchase with them. Since that day, all I have had are problems, headaches, and higher fees. I do not understand how this change has benefited me at all! Every time I have tried to reach out and ask about the problems I have with things such as booking, I am just told that I need to upgrade and spend more money to correct the problem. I have reached out to Diamond several times to correct this but they never respond. Do not buy anything from this company!

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