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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I am very upset with Hpliday INn that do not provide good service and only care about service. I want out of this nightmare and want my money back.

I was contacted about my 6 bonus weeks I have each year. I was told, since I am not going to use them the company can sell them for me. All I need to do was activate the weeks ($399) so they are available for them to sell ($1400). I have 6 bonus weeks each year, and I can sell them for the lowest amount of $1400. Rob told me I can actually receive more than $1400, but he would not recommend doing that my first time around. He also told me he would sell them within 60-90 days from today. Most of the sales usually happen in about 75 days. He said I have 180 day guarantee for my money back.
The representative told me I had 10 days to cancel my order. I just tried to call the 1 800 # I have and no-one is answering me. When I press the options a recording states, "no-one is ava... Read More

Company says that their client, Mario A. Ceballos wants to buy 10 of my weeks at a Palace Resort in Cancun, for a golf tournament, for $4500.00 U.S. per week (total $45,000). I called Palace Resorts to inquire about the legitimacy of such an offer, and they said these types of offers are definitely scams.

They almost got me with activating my RCI bonus points. They did not have me log into my RCI account. They said they would take care of the activation after I "docusign" documents they were going to email to me. I took the conversation far enough to see the scam. The web site looks legit but was created in 2020. The address has 40 companies using that address. Do not give credit card info or "sign" agreements giving someone else the ability to activate RCI bonus points for you. They promised bids within 90 days. Reservations for RCI activated points must be made within 45 days. They promise to "list" the property for rent. If not rented within 180 days, they would relist for another 180 days.

I am very unhappy with Holiday INN they are not a great company and do not care that I can no longer afford them due to cov19 I had to take a 25% paycut which has made it so hard to make ends meet and all they care about is making payment and do not care about me as the so called owner. I have had enough of them and want my money back and want out of this crap.

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