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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Our first experience with Diamond was when we received an invitation in the mail for a weekend getaway to Orlando. When we arrived, we were asked to attend a sales meeting, where the staff told us about all of the benefits of being owners with Diamond. We were told that this would be a great investment that would continue to appreciate and that we would be able to resell. Not only has this been untrue, but EVERY SINGLE TIME we try to use our membership we are subjected to yet another sales presentation! We have been in these meetings where the staff has been hostile towards us to the point where they refuse to give us back our personal property so that we can leave! Why don’t they just allow their customers to enjoy their vacations? This has become something that we ca... Read More

Was promised money back guarantee in 30-90 days for renting out vacation time that I own. It has now been 8 month’s and NO MANAGER will help just keep lying to me telling me it’s coming. NOTHING is happening they are breaking there end of the deal and STOLE MY MONEY!! This company is a complete SCAM!!

Paradise Village timeshare scam continued..

At the airport I was offered a short cruise, 7:00 Dinner and show "Savia - rhythms of the night" for $100 .... but I had to attend breakfast the next morning where I would receive two bottles of tequila. I should have known it was the timeshare. But I wanted to see the hotel and figured I could always walk away. The sales presigsure got worse and worse as they wouldn't take no. They tried to change the showtime... I had a conflict and asked for my money back. They didn't want to give me the two bottles of tequila ... I raised hell and got one bottle... then I walked away on my own. They definitely didn't live up to anything they said! I can't believe they're allowed to operate at the airport!

In July 2019, we were contacted by Diamond and told that we needed to attend another presentation since our two-year vacation plan was ending. At this presentation, we were told that our only choice was to purchase a new package at a higher cost, or we would lose out on what we had already spent. After five hours of intense sales pressure, we left with what we were led to believe was a 10-year plan. However, a few months later, at the resort in Virginia, we were told that this was not the case and that what we had purchased had no value. Why would they allow their sales staff to sell something with no value?? We were told that by upgrading to a silver package, we would be making a real estate investment. When we told the salesperson that we were looking to purchase a home s... Read More

We were in Hawaii in 2019 when we were offered free luau tickets in exchange for our time at a Diamond Resorts seminar. When we were told that the seminar would only take about 30 minutes, we decided to accept their offer. We spent over two hours being pressured into making a purchase regardless of how often we said no. Eventually, we gave in and made a purchase of what we believed was enough points to book a two-week vacation yearly. We asked many times about how the points system worked, and we were reassured that there would be no issues. Yet, somehow, we always have an issue! When we were finally able to book a stay at their Sedona resort, we were shocked at the quality of the rooms and the cleanliness. It was awful! Our food on the kitchen counter was eaten by mice!! ... Read More

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