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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Was approached to sell our vacation club membership. Upon doing further research, there is a "real" Joel P Barrett, Broker. I reached out to him and he did not contact me for any buyer of our vacation club membership. Was sent information on setting up a trust with Empire Title & Closing Agency LLC and they do not exist, along with the Head Escrow Officer, James Lawrence.

They kept me there from 8am to 230pm . They deceived me during the presentation. Until I tried to use it .Nothing holds true what they sold me. I have never used it. Been asking for refund. They waited until the expiration before I had access to view what was sold.the list goes on . Seeking help to be released from this. It's beginning to effect my health.

On March 1, 2023, I received confirmation for reservation # 37458071, for property #1978274. My check-in date was April 7, 2023. My checkout date was April 15, 2023. My credit card was billed for $1565.37. On April 5, 2023, I received an email informing me that my reservation had been cancelled. I was offered four nights (not eight) at a nearby property and an offer to secure the missing nights or refund if unable to do so. I indicated that that would be acceptable. Despite many hours, emails, and phone calls, I never received lodging for the four missing nights. VRBO did offer reimbursement for three nights at a maximum of $273 per night (email April 7, 2023) and one night (email April 9, 2023). I booked rooms at Best Western for four nights at a total cost of $937.20. ... Read More

je souhaite poursuivre la compagnie OCCIDENTAL VACATION GROUP pour fraude

I bought into this vacation club twice. First Club in 2003 &then Royal Club in 2013. BOTH times when I bought in Aruba, a PRIME destination, I was told that I would have preference over anyone who bought into the club elsewhere (Mexico, DR, etc.). I was willing to pay the higher maintenance fee for that reason. I call to book in the DR (for Aruba) & I'm told there's no availability. Yet on, Travelocity,, etc. it's showing availability!! How can that be? I believe these "contracts" were signed by Owners prior to websites, which charge triple!! I contact Reservations in the Dominican & NO SUPERVISOR can call me back?? I've been trying to get answers for 3 WEEKS now!

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