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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We have been dealing with this company for at least one year since their unsolicited offer to buy our fractional-interest timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, MX. We are being scammed and have recently been contacted by Lic. Gabriel Valencia Lopez in Mexico City. He told us the Federal Government has assigned attorneys from the Attorney General's office to investigate massive timeshare fraud in Mexico, and they have raided an office and apprehended 15 people, and our information was included in their database. He stated there are hundreds of scammers and victims, but Stone Mountain Investment and Stone Mountain Real Estate are the two showing up in our case. He emailed us with information to follow up on this.

En el 2014 adquirí un tiempo compartido en México con Royal Holiday, quise cancelarlo después porque los beneficios que me prometieron no eran tales, el vendedor nos prometió varias cosas y ya en casa vimos que no se encuentran en el contrato. Les escribimos en varias ocasiones, lo intentamos cancelar en los 5 días, pero nos dieron largas y después de que nos contestaron nos dijeron que no era posible. Ya terminamos de pagar la membresía, pero los costos de anualidad son muy altos y nos parecía que estábamos gastando nuestro dinero en algo innecesario.

Afortunadamente los abogados de Mexican Timeshare Solutions nos ayudaron a cancelar nuestro tiempo compartido, sinceramente no confiamos desde el principio porque después de ser estafados una vez es difícil, pero poc... Read More

advertised that they buy and sell with no upfront fees.
Put in my info on the computer.
Received a call within 5 min.
Was informed that they could not help but were going to connect me to another company (which has upfront fees)

Beware this companys is a fraud, i am a victum of there scam lost 49k. Dont trust anyone over the phone.

Thy say that there $7000.00 and $8250.00 coming back to us. Thy used 7000.00 to put on credit cards for payment. The funds were return to them and the $8250.00 I still don't know what thy are going to do with. Thy will not send it to us.

Dean Gaede

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