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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Holiday Inn is one of the worse companies ever. I want out of my timeshare with them and I want a refund of my money! This timeshare was a lie! I have not been able to use this as they said I could and my fees go up every year!

Holiday INn told me that my timeshare would pay for itself and be an investment. I was never told home my fees would go up every year. I can not afford this and with covid, it has become a hardship.I would like out of this timeshare. I just want to give this back to the company.

Holiday Inn Club is a horrible company and a scam they lie to people to make money and they told me this timeshare with them was an investment they never told me that my fees would go up every year and how much extra cost it would be I want out and I want a refund

Diamond has been terrible to us. We had been owners of a different timeshare that was acquired by them. They started to call us and tell us that we needed to come in for a meeting to discuss the changes. When we did so, they told us that we would lose the entire prior purchase if we did not purchase a Gold-level membership with their company, lies. We felt that we had no choice but to do so. When we asked about a cancellation period, we were told that if we tried to cancel within the legal period to do so, we would be charged a six-figure amount in return, lies and illegal. We have tried contacting them many times to get out, but they are not helpful. We believe that they intentionally preyed upon us due to our age and do not want other seniors to get themselves into the ... Read More

Beware of ANY encounters with Diamond. We have been in countless meetings with them over the years where their employees have told us that we would earn millions of dollars in equity when they became a public company. At one point we tried to cancel our contract within the legal cancellation period we were denied. When we have tried to discuss our concerns with their legal department, they never return our calls. We are extremely concerned that our children will become responsible for this nightmare. Do not do business with this company.

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