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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

They aproached me claiming that they had a buyer ready to buy my timeshare, but I had to enlist my timeshare first paying upfront $2150 usd. Of course it was tempting but they couldn't provide me with a business registration therefore never prove they were legit, it's not the first time this happens to me.

I've already sold a timeshare once and the company was good enough to provide me with their business registration, most of the times scammers will ask to deposit at western union or a person account

Re 11/18/2016 contact fraud

I wanted to get out of my diamond timeshare, which of course is worth nothing, and will cost me to legally dispose of it. However when invited to attend one of their presentations I went solely to get the free gift promised. I told the salesman up front I had no interest in buying more points because I was planning to get out. Still for an hour he persisted in pushing all the wonderful benefits I would get if I upgraded to 'Silver' status. Again, I said I had no interest. When I said I was leaving at that point he described a 'new' 'buyback' program from Diamond whereby after 2 years if I had gold status I could sell it back to Diamond for a large amount, and that if I was 'silver' status could sell it back after 3. In my case, he quoted $108,000 if I... Read More

I was told that Desert Glen Resorts had a buyer for my timeshare. I received an official looking contract. I just needed to send $175.00 via Western Union. Now I can't get through on that phone number.

This company contacted me wanting to by my timeshare, seemed ok, no money needed to close the deal. Then there's a contract and now they need $3500.00 because the Mexican government needs up front money. I say no way. Now they have gone as far as threatening me that I am in breach of the contract and that the "buyer" gets my property if I do not pay. Such a scam and a mess.

I received a call from David Fonte telling me that someone wants to buy my Mayan Palace timeshare for 42,000, and the company gets 2000 for commission. I was suspicious how they got my name, and I hadn't advertised it. I called my attorney and he pointed out all sorts of inconsistencies and said buyers for Mayan Palace is a big scam. Thank goodness for prepaid legal and their advice!

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