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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I attempted on various occasions to explain to the sales representative that we were not in a position financially to take on this additional expense. In addition to being told we would just be going to a free breakfast and instead spending hours being persuaded and manipulated, we were given false information in regards to the monthly payments and even provided inaccurate phone numbers for the sales representative assisting us with the purchase. This is a bait and switch scenario and not only should those responsible be held accountable but we should also be able to explain how we were taken advantage of without having to continue to pay for a service we will not be using. If your company cannot accommodate this request we will have no other option but to escalate the issue as w... Read More

2019 took tour /sales program (suppose to last max 90 minutes). After 4 HOURS told rep that we had enough, please give us our gift so that we could leave. Were told by rep, no problem. 4-6 persons came at us one after the other. So much for a quick exit. I got anger by this point and made it clear that we wanted our free gift and th let us out of there. Rep got angry and told us that we will never be invited back to the resort. 1 year later at a different resort we were ask to take a tour. We agreed. The next day we received a call that there was a glitch in their system and that we could not tale the tour program. they would not give a clear explanation as to why we could not be rescheduled. I sure we have been "Blackball" a manager was suppose to call us ab... Read More

9/29/20 Got a call yesterday from this company who wants me to rent my RCI points for an Orlando FL convention. You pay the fee upfront, they "guarantee" payment within 60-90 days after you sign the rental agreement. They handle the rental for events and said you can only do this once a year because you are making money. One of two options was I rent 6 1 bedroom/1 bath rooms, which the fee is $399 to RCI for each one ($2394 total). They in turn find the renters and you get paid back $6006 net income. Sounds too good to be true and I couldn't find much online so I contacted RCI. They do not authorize you to rent points to anyone else. We didn't want to take a chance at not getting paid back. Anytime you have to pay money to get money it's generally not a good idea.

I had to cancel my trip to Maui this year due to COVID 19. When I called to ask about my options for using my points, I was presented the Destination Xchange option on 3 different occasions with no clarity in terms of how to book, availability and the fees that would be charged. I had to request written details to validate there were no fees beyond the $149 exchange fee. When I read page 9 it clearly stated there was a Destination Xchange fee of $1,000 per week for my normal week at Kaanapali Beach Club and most other nice resorts. To date there is no clarity on how to book Destination Xchange points and the system is complex, not flexible and requires additional fees if you change locations and need to use points from a lower tier. The entire Destination Xchange Program is a fra... Read More

In 17 years we have only been able to use the timeshare twice. The roadways to get to the resort are horrible and while you may not be able to do anything about it, it has definitely been a problem and a point of contention when planning a trip. We understood that the fees to use the timeshare would be fixed, however that is not true and we have only experienced increased fees over the years.

We have often been told we should attempt to sell or rent the property as a way to “substantiate” the costs. We have paid companies to rent and or sell the property with no luck. We have lost money and continue to do so.

We would like to give the property back and or recoup some of our costs by way of selling it back to the resort. It is not going to work for us and our family is not i... Read More

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