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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

A mi esposo y a mi nos emborracharon para vendernos una membresia de tiempo compartido, con grupo Vidanta, nos negamos a comprar en repetidas ocasiones y como nos dijeron que si no estábamos contentos podíamos cancelar cuando quisiéramos, firmamos el contrato con tal de poder irnos de ahí.
Como según nosotros podíamos cancelar cuando quisiéramos no le tomamos importancia y el resto de nuestras vacaciones nos relajamos y ni pensamos en el tema, un mes después ya en nuestra casa y con más tiempo hablamos para cancelar la membresia y nos dijeron que no era posible y que si queríamos cancelar tendríamos que pagar un 25 % de la membresia por penalización, les explicamos nuestra situación y al parecer ellos están al tanto de todas las mentiras que dicen los vendedores y... Read More

I’m writing here to tell everyone to stay away from doing business with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. You’d think they are a legit company given what you see on their website (, but my friend got scammed by them. Even though they were supposed to help cancel her timeshare without upfront fees, my friend told me that they ultimately requested payment in order to supposedly do the cancellation. She trusted Mexican Timeshare Solutions and paid the fee, and then they never did anything to cancel the timeshare.  They even told my friend that her timeshare was cancelled but when my friend contacted the club, the club said that her timeshare membership was still in effect and she owed money to the club for unpaid maintenance fees.  This is going to hurt her credit... Read More

Liars and conivers. To top it off they had me on speaker phone for all to hear how bad you are. Pleading like  little wimps in sacrificial disgrace. 

nothing but another big scam.


These people need to be put away in jail for the rudeness and lies they give people.

We stupidly bought a timeshare while on our honeymoon in St. John. Most foolish/worst financial decision of our lives. This was July 2011. We've been trying to get rid of it since then. We've fallen prey once already to a company claiming to resell it for us. Since then we disregarded several more attempts to scam us around this issue. Sadly, in late January we got another resale offer. This one looked legitimate possibly. I forwarded the contract to an attorney who I spoke to but he stopped engaging. We had several phone conversations with the person posing as Jennifer Allen and felt there was legitimacy to this. We moved forward. We wired $1250 for fees that were "guaranteed" to be returned upon closing. An additional $1043 was wired for taxes (non-returnable. our onl... Read More

We went to a timeshare presentation at Pueblo bonito. Upon my return home I was reviewing documents and noticed my 15 year deal was for 30 years. We were told that we could have them rent our week if needed or they could also re-sell the unit if needed. but all was a lie. We have tried contacting them at many different numbers but they never answer or returned our calls . we tried to cancel our timeshare but we got threatened by them and they told us that our credit score would be affected and that we would have pay an extra 25% of our membership. One day, we found Mexican Timeshare Solutions online while trying to find someone who would buy our timeshare and 5 months later, they were able to get the cancellation of our contract.

Beware and stay away from Pueblo Bonito they are scammers!

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