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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Villa del palmar timeshare fraud and how i quit

I bought a time share with Villa del Palmar, I paid a small part of the membership on the day of signing the contract and with a few outstanding payments in the short term I finished paying the total amount. The reason I signed the same day of the presentation was because if I did that same day I would get unbeatable benefits from them that otherwise would not give me. Later reviewing the contract I realize that the contract gives exaggerated guarantees in favor of them and for the members not, there is much inequality. I did not see any clause where you remember how you can end the contract, when for some reason you no longer want it or you can not continue paying the membership. If you fail to pay the fees or maintenance payment... Read More

I received an email with an attractive offer to sell my timeshare in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. They sent transfer contract documents and other legal documents for escrow account. All documents were very well redacted and all websites seemed valid ones. Later they asked me to sent a wire transfer to a Mexican company to cover title search and transfer fees for US$750.00. Days later they requested another payment, which was never mentioned before, for US$2,000 to cover some Mexican taxes. I contacted timeshare lawyers in Mexico and they confirmed it is a scam scheme. No upfront payments are required to be made by seller. And Mexican authorities do not charge any fees, taxes or penalties for selling timeshares.

We have sent money in good faith and we’re told they had a buyer. Now they tell us the Mexican government is requiring $19,000.00. This company is scamming us and we would like the Attorney General of Wyoming to investigate this company.

On July 2 my husband and I went for a preview shown to be IslandSeas in The Bahamas to see with the upgraded since our last visit which was four years ago at that time

they showed us the diamond the two bedroom and look a lot nicer was a lot bigger they made promises that we upgraded to the two bedroom they will take the equity from a one bedroom in a play to the two bedroom at payment when the payments and they can put out the payments till they talk to their office which was in Florida we were in the Bahamas so that was Saturday they moved us into the two bedroom because we were there for two weeks

on Monday went down to see if anything is been taken care of boss being in Florida yet they said that they were working on the equity. on Saturday I forgot to tell you we gave th... Read More

I was contacted by a guy named justin monroe not the writer he identified himself as the CEO of a company alliance broker from Minnesota he offer me to buy the right of use for my timeshare with Grand Luxxe for $92,000.00 USD. I played along just to see how far he will go, according to him his company (now he was the owner not the CEO) he told me no upfront fees or cost that his company will pay for the maintenance fees because Johnson & Johnson hired him to organize a golf tournament and that he was working directly with Vidanta. (I called vidanta and they don’t now the guy or the event). the funny part is that he mention that he will go to the bank to liquidate stocks from his company to pay me the $92,000 and less than 30 minutes he called me back to let me know the mone... Read More

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