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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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In 2019, we were visiting a Diamond Resorts location and were offered a discount 4-day trip to Palm Springs if we attended a timeshare presentation while there. The staff pressured us relentlessly into making a purchase. While at the presentation, we were told that these resorts were for the exclusive use of members, that this was a real estate investment, and that not traveling more with our family made us bad parents. Finally, we felt that we needed to make a purchase, not only to leave, but so that our children could experience the lifestyle that the representative was promising. After that day, we continued to get hounded with calls from Diamond employees asking us when we would be attending a welcome presentation. Every time we tried to book it; nothing was available! ... Read More

We were at an event and saw a booth offering a free cruise and golf in exchange for attending a 90-minute presentation. We felt like this was a fair trade, so we decided to attend. This began our terrible experiences with Diamond. We were in that presentation for over 6 hours! We left cold, hungry, and believing that this was a real estate investment, and the rental income would more than cover our ownership costs. A month later, we started getting calls asking us to attend a “new owner orientation”. Since we could not figure out the reservation system, we felt that this was a great way the get our questions answered. This was just another sales presentation! We were told that an upgrade would allow us to write this off as a second home; what a great benefit! We o... Read More

In August of 2018 my family vacationed in Florida, using my fatherinlaw’s Diamond resorts timeshare. We were required to attend a sales presentation. The agents gave us numbers that were way too high. We explained there was no way we could afford it, we were living paycheck to paycheck with 3 teenage daughters. The floor manager came back with something we thought we could afford and offered us a dream holiday for 2 people to go to Hawaii for free, including airfare. That was huge for us in making this decision. We said we would want to bring our kids too. They told us that we would just have to pay a few hundred dollars per kid. We were sold on the Dream vacation to Hawaii.

We purchased 7500 points for a 10 year term product. They said it was a basic membership. Our monthly ... Read More

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