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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I'm embarrassed to say that after spending $3,857 to get rid of our timeshare in June of 2017, we still have the bills. They paid the first year's maintenance bill but then they decided we'd have a better chance of getting rid of our timeshare if they stopped paying the fees and instead turned it over to DC Capitol Law. The Law firm asks us to send them the bills and they used to call us every month just to check in but now we don't even get that. Now I'm worried that these unpaid maintenance bill are going to ruin my credit rating.

I was sold a beautiful story. That’s just what it was, a story with not such a happy ending for me.
The two sales consultants made great promises and just turns out they were just being deceitful. I feel like Orange Lake runs off being dishonest.

Here are just a few things I was told that ended up being false:

Flexibility- there is no flexibility because there is never any availability. How can I use my timeshare that never has rooms available for me to use?

Saving money- I continue to pay for monthly mortgage payments that have increased in price. That will never end.

Investment- I was told that I was making a great investment into real estate.
As stated before I keep making payments and will never own an actual piece of property. This is not an investment.

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This timeshare with Holiday Inn is awful and I need to please give this timeshare back and get some kind of refund. My wife and I are trying to have a baby and need the money for very expensive medical needs. Please could someone get back to me on how I can just give this mess back?

Dave Martin

I was approached by Michael Burgess with Worry Free Timeshares via email. He wanted to sell my timeshare and offered to advertise it online with no "up front" fees. After a few weeks, Shannon Dinello agreed to purchase my timeshare. Worry Free asked me to pay them $325 for their services & told me I would get my money back if the deal fell through. Shannon contacted me & said she was sick & could not go through with the deal. I found that both Michael & Shannon have been doing this over & over. Now that my 18 month contract is up, no one at the company will call me back & return my money.

They called me to buy my time share they found me through a website and came up with an offer than told me I had to pay rfc permits from Mexico so I can have a paper trail for irs so I sent a wire transfer for me and my wife total of 7750 to a bank hsbc in Mexico but I had to speak to capital access holdings, then after that they tell me I have to pay a 25% SAT tax to get funded so now it became double the amount I had to wire transfer which I hesitated then I asked around for advice and found out it was fraud it looked so legit so watch out guys don’t lose money like I did now I got in debt for going this route just remember there is no jumping ahead in life u can only take it step by step is what I learned from this

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