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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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They kept me there from 8am to 230pm . They deceived me during the presentation. Until I tried to use it .Nothing holds true what they sold me. I have never used it. Been asking for refund. They waited until the expiration before I had access to view what was sold.the list goes on . Seeking help to be released from this. It's beginning to effect my health.

je souhaite poursuivre la compagnie OCCIDENTAL VACATION GROUP pour fraude

we fell for this once in May2019 and gave up funds to 'sell' our unused weeks at Interval International. We were naive new owners, and stupidly thought this was the way of timeshare properties. It made sense to sell what we were not going to use and to make money to be able to cover annual maintenance fees, but it was costly. Never heard back from the company until just this week 05 Oct 2022. Now they want almost 3x the funds for 'activiation fees'. They want it now, wire transfer, nothing in writing. Wasn't going to give up more funds to chase funds already lost.
we declined

Hotels Combined called me and offered to purchase my timeshare points with Diamond Resorts They are a total scam.

my story is very similar. Professional people. legitimate websites. they said Samuel Zell is buying 130 units at Pueblo Bonito Mexican timeshares. What really hit me was the escrow beneficiary designation form. Why would billionaire Samuel Zell will hold the account using his own name instead of using an LLC or something. The sales person was a real person that they were impersonating. I would have called her if her phone number on the NY licensing board works. Maybe that is why they picked that person. This is why you should keep your contact information updated just in case someone is impersonating you. The price was too good to pass. it is true. The greed takes over and tells me until they ask you to send money. Go on and see if this is true. but then the stories that I read a... Read More

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