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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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June 6 2019, contacted by ICE to rent out 6 weeks of timeshare. signed contract for charge of $2396.00, was contacted in April 2020 about rental for Vegas property. they said the rental fell thru, I never recieved any money or any further contact when call company recording says no longer in service. Please prosecute these bastards!

Was promised money back guarantee in 30-90 days for renting out vacation time that I own. It has now been 8 month’s and NO MANAGER will help just keep lying to me telling me it’s coming. NOTHING is happening they are breaking there end of the deal and STOLE MY MONEY!! This company is a complete SCAM!!

BEWARE! i received a call from these two individuals representing themselves as real estate brokers. They had a lot of personal information on me and the fact that I owned a timeshare, how long, many details, etc.
The claimed the two owners of the Villa Group and Garza Blanca (both in Mexico) were feuding and one of them was trying to buy up time share ownerships to buy out the other owner.
THEY ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL AND CONVINCING! Their web site was first class with lots of information and brokers licenses and BBB referals. They even have a very professional secretary which answers your calls.
I was completely fooled! Before i turned over two much information, I called my timeshare to check on this whole situation. They told me it was not true and I was being scammed!
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Please help me get out of my time share with you located in Orange lake. I do not want to sell it or rent it out. I just want out. I want to just give it back if that is an option for me to do so.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 3rd, 2018 and going through the surgery last year and the recovery has been a hardship on me and I will not be using this time share to travel.
Please if any one could just reach back out to me with any options; I would be very appreciative.
Thank You.

This timeshare has been a nightmare for us and we can not afford it anymore and would like for Holiday Inn to please help us and please let us give it back or just give us options to get out. We can not afford to keep paying the fees. We are into much debt over this.

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