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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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They called me to buy my time share they found me through a website and came up with an offer than told me I had to pay rfc permits from Mexico so I can have a paper trail for irs so I sent a wire transfer for me and my wife total of 7750 to a bank hsbc in Mexico but I had to speak to capital access holdings, then after that they tell me I have to pay a 25% SAT tax to get funded so now it became double the amount I had to wire transfer which I hesitated then I asked around for advice and found out it was fraud it looked so legit so watch out guys don’t lose money like I did now I got in debt for going this route just remember there is no jumping ahead in life u can only take it step by step is what I learned from this

They had a buyer willing to pay 56000.00 for our grand mayan, we fell for the first amount of 4995.00 us supposedly paid to vida vacations to release our contract, then the wanted 7040.00 USD for 16%Mexican tax.we would not pay .they threatened suing for breach of contract all letters forms very real they have photo shop down pat. We went to the grand mayan sales centre as we was not getting emails or phone calls answered and found out its a scam .vida vacationzdoes not transver property. Beware of these guys . Thieves for sure but karma comes around .

BEWARE - SCAM  If you get a call from DAVID RIVERA of DREAMS VACATION SERVICES - hang up - he is DECEPTIVE, VERY DISHONEST and CUNNING. It's all a SCAM to get your money.  I received such a call telling me that he had a buyer for my Whistler BC TIMESHARE. He sent me a signed purchase and sale agreement and had the fictitious buyers send me an email encouraging me to sign. I checked with the California Department of REAL ESTATE - neither his company or is David Rivera licensed to sell real estate. The address that he is using is a motel in Anaheim California.  Apparently this is a well known SCAM in the TIMESHARE industry.

This is an addition to the claim I made regarding Switchit. On March 20th, 2019 Daniel J. Stapleton, CEO of the above named company arrived at my home to show me that he could get rid of my Timeshare or he would return the fee he charged. I felt a little wary but since there was a money back guarantee I decided to take a chance. After he left I called the California State real estate board and they advised to cancel the credit card payment which I did. When I did this Mr. Stapleton had his wife call to see if there had been a mistake. I answered truthfully that I did not feel this was a legitimate deal. He went into a rage, screamed and threatened to take my bank to court. I did not want to put my credit union into an awkward position so I put the charge back on the card.... Read More

Daniel Stapleton made an appointment to meet me at my home on 3/20/2019 to discuss eliminating my timeshare. He explained that there would be his fee to cover court costs and there would be additional fees of 599.00 for Switchit Title. They then said it would take awhile and as soon as things were cleared in court the Title company would be in touch. I was a little suspicious but I need to get out of the timeshare so they caught me in a weak moment. Mr Stapleton called me a few months later and informed me that Switchit had all the information and it was ready to go. That was late May or early June. I did not hear from the title company until July. I paid the 599.00 and that is when the slowdown began. The papers were in the system and would take a lot of time I was told.... Read More

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