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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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This timeshare has been a nightmare for us and we can not afford it anymore and would like for Holiday Inn to please help us and please let us give it back or just give us options to get out. We can not afford to keep paying the fees. We are into much debt over this.

I was cold contacted at home by Frederick Collins a broker claiming to be from Simply Real Estate in NYC interested in making an offer on my Mexican Mayan timeshare. I told him I received several scams offering the same deal every week. Of course he said this made his job harder but he was legitimate. He already knew all of my information as it is likely public record or has been sold to many scammers. As usual, the tipoff that this was a scam was the offer of $69,000, a ridiculously high amount. A quick search shows that these scammers are imitating a true Real Estate company in that area with the same name. Avoid this fake company offering to buy your Mexican timeshare.

Attended Time share exit in Wilmington Delaware from Network Resort international Dinner and sales invitation. To exit my fully paid time share in Florida wiith $670.00 yearly maintenance fee . They charged me $5,500 total amount and I paid in full. This is Nov. 2020 have not heard frm them. They promised to send me welcome package and all the paper works. I called the Swift it it title company that I have signed the paper works during this meeting. They have not received anything from these people and nothing was remitted. All the agents no. are not in service and email are invalid. Full of scammers and fraud people.

I was called and asked to sell the Timeshare I have advertised here. They did not have information from Timeshare Market Place or another site I am listed on.
They sounded very professional at first and I directed them to a real Agent selling my timeshare. They falsely stated they contacted my contact, which I verified they did not. They attempted to try to convince me they were legit and sent paperwork wanting me to remit $12,200 which they would refund. I have since reported the to the FTC.

This company solicited me in 2019 with the promise to"use my timeshare weeks" and that they would provide a return on my weeks within 60 days. Sean Herring advised that the return is truly within 90 days. I had to pay for the weeks, up front, and then once the weeks were sold in 60days I would receive my payment. Since that time, which was Dec 06, 2019, I have received nothing but the run around from Kelly McAllister, who is supposed in charge of offers. I truly realized how much of a scam this is when each time I call to follow up with this deal, I am told an offer would be out "within 2 weeks" .. finally in November 2020 I was told that if after 30 days there is no offer they keep trying but no guarantee. So no, there is no guarantee, no offers and no money,... Read More

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