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I was visiting a resort in Utah when I was asked to attend a presentation with Diamond. I had previously been an owner with Monarch Grand Vacations and was told that this meeting was needed to address changes due to COVID. When I arrived at the presentation, I was told that since Monarch had gone bankrupt, I was being given the opportunity to upgrade into the Diamond system so that I did not lose my equity or see my maintenance fees increase to the point where they would be unaffordable. I felt that I had absolutely no choice but to make this purchase! I was told that I would be receiving bonus points, that my maintenance fees would be fixed, and that this would be a real estate purchase that I could refinance for a lower rate. Nothing that I was told that day is true! What... Read More

I was visiting Polo Towers in Las Vegas when I was asked to attend a sales update presentation. I told the staff many times that I was not interested but they insisted that it was necessary for me to learn about new updates. When I arrived, I was told that this meeting would take an hour of my time. This could not have been further from the truth! I told the sales rep that I was not interested in making any changes to what I already owned and that I was on a fixed income and could not afford anything more. He told me that this loan would have an interest rate of 3.99% and that the payments would only be $230 a month. I was skeptical but trusted that the staff had my best interest at heart. When I got back to my room, I tried to call and cancel but I was once again reas... Read More

Our first experience with Diamond was when we received an invitation in the mail for a weekend getaway to Orlando. When we arrived, we were asked to attend a sales meeting, where the staff told us about all of the benefits of being owners with Diamond. We were told that this would be a great investment that would continue to appreciate and that we would be able to resell. Not only has this been untrue, but EVERY SINGLE TIME we try to use our membership we are subjected to yet another sales presentation! We have been in these meetings where the staff has been hostile towards us to the point where they refuse to give us back our personal property so that we can leave! Why don’t they just allow their customers to enjoy their vacations? This has become something that we ca... Read More

Diamond Resorts nos ha engañado desde el principio! Le dijimos a su representante que estábamos a punto de jubilarnos y no queríamos comprar nada, sin embargo, nos coaccionó en un contrato que estaba muy por encima de lo que podíamos permitirnos. Hemos intentado refinanciar este préstamo a través de una empresa que nos fue recomendada por los empleados de Diamond, sin embargo, cuando llamamos, dijeron que no proporcionan financiamiento en tiempos compartidos y no tienen ninguna asociación con Diamond Resorts. Creemos que estos empleados se han aprovechado de nosotros debido a nuestra edad y la barrera del idioma y han tratado de resolver esto por nuestra cuenta en vano. Por favor, tenga cuidado al interactuar con esta empresa, no son muy éticos.

We visited the Diamond Cancun Resort in Las Vegas in June. Upon check-in, we were offered a three-day stay in exchange for a one-hour tour. We felt like this was a reasonable exchange and decided to accept. When we arrived, we told the sales rep that we were vacationing with our children and that they were alone in the room waiting for us so we could only spend the allocated one hour. We also told him that we were not interested in making a purchase, but he was quick to assure us that there were amazing deals in place due to the pandemic. We told him that our income had been severely impacted by the pandemic, yet the continued to push forward. It was like he couldn’t hear us. After saying no for hours, we finally relented, especially since we were told that there would ... Read More

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