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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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We visited the Diamond Cancun Resort in Las Vegas in June. Upon check-in, we were offered a three-day stay in exchange for a one-hour tour. We felt like this was a reasonable exchange and decided to accept. When we arrived, we told the sales rep that we were vacationing with our children and that they were alone in the room waiting for us so we could only spend the allocated one hour. We also told him that we were not interested in making a purchase, but he was quick to assure us that there were amazing deals in place due to the pandemic. We told him that our income had been severely impacted by the pandemic, yet the continued to push forward. It was like he couldn’t hear us. After saying no for hours, we finally relented, especially since we were told that there would ... Read More

I originally owned a timeshare with another company that was purchased by Diamond. I was told by their sales reps that I needed to upgrade my membership to remain in their system or that I would lose all of the equity that I had accumulated. I felt that I had no choice but to make a purchase with them. Since that day, all I have had are problems, headaches, and higher fees. I do not understand how this change has benefited me at all! Every time I have tried to reach out and ask about the problems I have with things such as booking, I am just told that I need to upgrade and spend more money to correct the problem. I have reached out to Diamond several times to correct this but they never respond. Do not buy anything from this company!

Diamond has been terrible to us. We had been owners of a different timeshare that was acquired by them. They started to call us and tell us that we needed to come in for a meeting to discuss the changes. When we did so, they told us that we would lose the entire prior purchase if we did not purchase a Gold-level membership with their company, lies. We felt that we had no choice but to do so. When we asked about a cancellation period, we were told that if we tried to cancel within the legal period to do so, we would be charged a six-figure amount in return, lies and illegal. We have tried contacting them many times to get out, but they are not helpful. We believe that they intentionally preyed upon us due to our age and do not want other seniors to get themselves into the ... Read More

SCAM!!! Diamond Resorts SHAME ON YOU!!!! Mike Flaskey, CEO, Diamond Resorts should be prosecuted as a CRIMINAL!!! They prey on older individuals, parents are in over $100,000 with 5k YEARLY maintenance fees that GO up every year!! They swindle you for a MEMBERSHIP!! This is NOT titled property like other timeshares that are tangible property, so you buy into NOTHING!!!! Contract CLEARLY states that your Beneficiary's (once you have a will) automatically inherit the debt, they secure their OWN loans, so NOT through a bank. Loans are over 16% interest rate! How are seniors in their 70's afford this? Even when owners die beneficiary's WILL have to file a Disclaimer of Interest with Clark county Nevada AND Delaware, because contract lists BOTH Diamond resort registered locations. ... Read More

Diamond Resorts (aka Monarch Grand Vacations) promises luxury, but only delivers misery. First of all, their timeshare system is based on points, not property ownership. In order to secure a reservation, popular properties fill up within minutes. It is next to impossible to secure a reservation unless you plan a year in advance, and even then only if you are lucky. They sold us initially on the possibility of exchanging points overseas through Interval International. Again, this was a complete bust and we were never able to book a vacation through Interval since we either A) did not have enough points or B) could not secure a reasonable date. This leads me to the whole point issue. Since we were having so much trouble securing an open date, I decided to call customer serv... Read More

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