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To whomever this concerns:

My sister and I are no longer happy being in this situation with Holiday Inn. We can no longer afford it and no longer have any desire in using our timeshare. Please understand that we no longer live in the same state. It is very hard for us to try to use this together with everyone on a different schedule our time never lines up. The amount of money we are charged is a huge burden on us both. We both want out immediately.

I was sold a beautiful story. That’s just what it was, a story with not such a happy ending for me.
The two sales consultants made great promises and just turns out they were just being deceitful. I feel like Orange Lake runs off being dishonest.

Here are just a few things I was told that ended up being false:

Flexibility- there is no flexibility because there is never any availability. How can I use my timeshare that never has rooms available for me to use?

Saving money- I continue to pay for monthly mortgage payments that have increased in price. That will never end.

Investment- I was told that I was making a great investment into real estate.
As stated before I keep making payments and will never own an actual piece of property. This is not an investment.

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With the passing of my husband, my timeshare with Holiday Inn has been so undesirable to me.
It was something he really wanted and purchased for us.
Now that he has passed I find no joy in it and do not want it.
Our time staying anywhere it never seemed like we got a high-end room it just always seemed like the rooms had broken appliances or just lacked amenities altogether. I have to spend my money on my other bills and now that I am a widow I cannot afford to pay this and stay caught up on important things in life.

Holiday Inn is a dishonest company I hate my timeshare and want out and would like for someone to get back with me and tell me the best options but the customer service is awful! Please Holiday Inn fix this.

We want out of our timeshare with Holiday Inn it has been a horrible experience and customer service is just rude. One time I called in asking for some sort of receipt for my files and the representative said back to me we are not a bank... WHAT how rude can you be. This shows they only care about the money and not the customers we want a refund and out of this nightmare.

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