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I was told i won some money so i went to their 4 hour long presentation, thought it wouldnt be more than an hour. I stayed and listened to them just to be nice but at the end when it was time to get the “money i won” it was a scratch-off and more excitingly i lost.. -_- that was not even the most frustrating part. The most frustrating part is that they kept coming up with things to make me buy more of their stuff. Such as RCI points and uping my credit limit because “it didnt work”. I was told i could us my points all over the world and it was a cheaper rate. The cheaper rate would have been to stay away! To even book i had to put down a non-refundable deposit which i was never told i would have to do!

Holiday Inn Club Vacations was properly notified by way of Cert. of Death that Account Holders have passed away and, there is no longer any interest in utilizing the property. This process was initiated in regards to three other Time Share management companies. All of them have formally acknowledged the reality of their respective-agreements and, contracts have been foreclosed, terminated, ended, A 3-year personal extension was provided by one Firm. Unexpected, appreciated.

#hiclubvacations however has not put any effort into ceasing this previous annual-use contract and, it has been nearly Three Years since one of the two Holders (my parent) passed-away. At best, I was only allowed a verbal acknowledgement during one of many, many, many (too-many...) repeat telephone calls on t... Read More

Holiday Inn is way to much for me to afford I can not even pay the fees any more let alone enjoy this timeshare I want to be free and out from under the timeshare. I just want out.

Please help me get out of my time share with you located in Orange lake. I do not want to sell it or rent it out. I just want out. I want to just give it back if that is an option for me to do so.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 3rd, 2018 and going through the surgery last year and the recovery has been a hardship on me and I will not be using this time share to travel.
Please if any one could just reach back out to me with any options; I would be very appreciative.
Thank You.

This timeshare has been a nightmare for us and we can not afford it anymore and would like for Holiday Inn to please help us and please let us give it back or just give us options to get out. We can not afford to keep paying the fees. We are into much debt over this.

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