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To whoever this complaint concerns,

My son and I feel like we have been nothing but lied to from Holiday Inn. My son is trying to go through college and he does not need this burden. I can not afford this anymore. It has been stress on my family and we just want out of this money pit. We have been lied to about everything to do with this from the beginning. I have left other complaints and never even received a response so someone needs to reach out and help tell us how to get out of the timeshare.

Thank you and many blessings,

I am very tired of the customer service with holiday and it seems like every time I have an issue they only want to hear about how I can make a payment plan that you do not care about me as a customer and owner or anything in the such I want a refund of my money that I have worked so hard on to just give away and I want a way to get out of this timeshare I need Holiday Inn to get back to me as soon as possible

I have reached out to Holiday Mia in many times and they have not gotten back to me once about anyting regarding my issues I have set complaints and and still have yet to hear from them I am very upset with Holiday Inn I want out of this time here and I want my money back

I am very upset with Hpliday INn that do not provide good service and only care about service. I want out of this nightmare and want my money back.

I am very unhappy with Holiday INN they are not a great company and do not care that I can no longer afford them due to cov19 I had to take a 25% paycut which has made it so hard to make ends meet and all they care about is making payment and do not care about me as the so called owner. I have had enough of them and want my money back and want out of this crap.

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