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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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We were offered three free trips if we signed and a fourth after we shook hands. The first three magically became “maintenance fees,” and after over a month of communication, I have no idea what happened to the fourth promotional trip

Worst experience in the world. We have updated our contact information several times and signed up for automatic payments multiple times yet they continue to send us to collections without ever calling us or sending us information in the mail. We were told in November 30 when we paid $500 that everything was caught up, now we were sent to collections again and owe $700 because of a missed payment. We have talked to them on several accounts in the past few months and no one has ever mentioned any fees that we needed to pay. RUN FROM THEM.

Was coned into buying a timeshare that is not as was proposed. would like to get others and do a class action suite against them.

I was on vacation with my sister in law to the Occidental Vacation resort in Punta Cana about 2 years ago when we were approached to listen to there 90 min marketing program. Fine, it was early in the am and we'd have the rest of the day to enjoy our vacation. Multiple times we tried to leave but they kept us there and promising us more incentives to buy the timeshare. They promised us discounts on airfare and showed us on the website how it worked, gave us the VIP package to enjoy, and kept coming over with quite a few boozey drinks. We kept saying no and they kept lowering the cost of the timeshare and increasing the amount of weeks we were able to use. Since I do travel a lot and vacation quite a bit it was actually sounding pretty decent. I asked for more examples of wh... Read More

We purchased in 2011 at occidental grand in Cozumel. We used a free week one time. Haven't used other than that because we can find cheaper and better online. Certainly not what we were told. DO NOT Purchase at occidental no matter what they tell you!!!! All lies. We have another time share we've used over the years. It has served us well so we know the difference in legit and not. We paid 18k for one week of all inclusive lol. Don't be duped like we were. Now I've quit paying maintenance fee. I'm being charged $30 a month in FC. Whatever. I can sign it back to them. They will even send me a paper! 😭😂.

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