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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Don't go to their sales presentations and its best to stay away from their resorts!! Even if you are an owner they are constantly trying to upsell you! DO NOT fall for they one that you can rent you're unit and 10-14 preferred weeks and pay for you're "investment". I've tried for two years and PB Perferred Travel had no clue about renting out preferred weeks and said that it was even possible. Johnny Mac was the first salesperson to spin this lie then Martin Cerrillo and Jeff Belway convinced me that I needed more points in order to rent it out. Another year and no rentals on VRBO. I canceled the contract for 10% of bal and took the hit on my credit report. I'd rather explain my mistake to my banker than send them another dime on... Read More

We were offered three free trips if we signed and a fourth after we shook hands. The first three magically became “maintenance fees,” and after over a month of communication, I have no idea what happened to the fourth promotional trip

Hi , I'm very disappointed because I lady that I talked to you she said that if I called the 1-800 number they will give me a resort or a motel I called today and that if I didn't upgrade I have to pay more money but why did the lady lied to me saying that I can have a resort or Inn motel so that's very false advertisement and I'm very disappointed and I'm very angry that she lied if I wanted to go to a resort after pay more money

Worst experience in the world. We have updated our contact information several times and signed up for automatic payments multiple times yet they continue to send us to collections without ever calling us or sending us information in the mail. We were told in November 30 when we paid $500 that everything was caught up, now we were sent to collections again and owe $700 because of a missed payment. We have talked to them on several accounts in the past few months and no one has ever mentioned any fees that we needed to pay. RUN FROM THEM.

Louise Fischer and Richard Lane sent me a check so I can then forward them a check in the difference. Everything looked legit.

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