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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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Holiday Inn is not a good company and has very bad customer service. I want out of my timeshare with them and no one has even gotten back to me with options on how to do so. I want out of this nightmare with them and want my money back. They lie to get you to sign and then act like we do not matter afterward.

This Company targets Time Share Owners using High Pressure Sales people that claim that they will rent out your Timeshare Weeks for a large sum so that you can make a profit. As soon as they get your Credit Card Number or money in any form, that is when their Scam succeeds. They do nothing that they claim that they will do. They don't rent out your property. They won't even return your phone calls or do anything to follow through on any of their Bogus claims to rent out your Vacation weeks. Please read other reviews, they have conned so many with their High Pressure Tactics, and seniors are their primary target. Do yourself a favor and Turn them into the FTC Federal Trade Commission, when they get numerous complaints they will investigate and shut them down. Call yo... Read More

In August of 2018 my family vacationed in Florida, using my fatherinlaw’s Diamond resorts timeshare. We were required to attend a sales presentation. The agents gave us numbers that were way too high. We explained there was no way we could afford it, we were living paycheck to paycheck with 3 teenage daughters. The floor manager came back with something we thought we could afford and offered us a dream holiday for 2 people to go to Hawaii for free, including airfare. That was huge for us in making this decision. We said we would want to bring our kids too. They told us that we would just have to pay a few hundred dollars per kid. We were sold on the Dream vacation to Hawaii.

We purchased 7500 points for a 10 year term product. They said it was a basic membership. Our monthly ... Read More

To whomever this concerns:

My sister and I are no longer happy being in this situation with Holiday Inn. We can no longer afford it and no longer have any desire in using our timeshare. Please understand that we no longer live in the same state. It is very hard for us to try to use this together with everyone on a different schedule our time never lines up. The amount of money we are charged is a huge burden on us both. We both want out immediately.

SCAM!!! Diamond Resorts SHAME ON YOU!!!! Mike Flaskey, CEO, Diamond Resorts should be prosecuted as a CRIMINAL!!! They prey on older individuals, parents are in over $100,000 with 5k YEARLY maintenance fees that GO up every year!! They swindle you for a MEMBERSHIP!! This is NOT titled property like other timeshares that are tangible property, so you buy into NOTHING!!!! Contract CLEARLY states that your Beneficiary's (once you have a will) automatically inherit the debt, they secure their OWN loans, so NOT through a bank. Loans are over 16% interest rate! How are seniors in their 70's afford this? Even when owners die beneficiary's WILL have to file a Disclaimer of Interest with Clark county Nevada AND Delaware, because contract lists BOTH Diamond resort registered locations. ... Read More

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