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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I was completely lied to. Everything that was promised was not close to true.

It’s disgusting how people treated! Like animal in a cage not getting out till you’ve been made to take something. Then you can’t cancel it at all. Being a female did not help. I said no several times to several people that kept getting sent to me!!! It does come a point that you end up agreeing because you just need out there and have already been violated basically for hours!

My wife and I have purchased a number of time shares from these folks.

Everything was fine until we purchased villas from Emerald Estates. We were told that there would be a golf course and a club house (with a deli) across from our villa).

This was 10 years ago,and nada!

We attended an owners breakfast last year, and were told by our sales rep that a golf course was not promised. Strange that the brochure specified that there would be a world class course (and there was a golf bag filled with high quality golf clubs) on the patio. She further advised us that the resale value was almost nothing. DUHH!

Below are the parties involved and the esequence of evengts that took place.

X-Treme Travel: Travel agent who also stated they were the buyer
Max Robles Ext 118
Brett Wolf Ext 106
Rio Mississipi 49,
Cuauhtemac, CDMX, Mexico
[email protected]

Lauren A. Shenian: Lawyer assigned to facilitate the sale
Nataly Morales
213 2nd Ave NW,
Jamestown, ND 58401
[email protected]

Sandra Caela Adams (lawyer who is also a partner and helping Lauren)
444 U.S. 12
Detroit, MI 48226

Profeco: Procuradaria Federal Del Consumidor
Consumer Protection Agency in Mexico
Rafael Ochoa Morales
Federal Prosecutor Profeco
[email protected] Read More

I would like to make a formal complaint against Bluegreen Timeshare. I have tried to resolve the matter with them. I requested cancellation of contract and a refund because they have violated my rights. I was tricked into this contract and it took some time to understand that I had been lied to. I was misled, deceived, ignored, disrespected, lied to outright repeatedly and told something completely different form what I was getting. I was unable to leave the presentation, under duress, pressured, hungry and they would not stop. They told me we couldn’t leave because if I did then I could never get this chance again and I would have to forfeit and return the $175 in gift cards if I decided not to purchase. They added “free” vacations and trips which are far too expensive to ... Read More

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