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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I would like to make a formal complaint against Bluegreen Timeshare. I have tried to resolve the matter with them. I requested cancellation of contract and a refund because they have violated my rights. I was tricked into this contract and it took some time to understand that I had been lied to. I was misled, deceived, ignored, disrespected, lied to outright repeatedly and told something completely different form what I was getting. I was unable to leave the presentation, under duress, pressured, hungry and they would not stop. They told me we couldn’t leave because if I did then I could never get this chance again and I would have to forfeit and return the $175 in gift cards if I decided not to purchase. They added “free” vacations and trips which are far too expensive to ... Read More

We were contacted to sell our vacation package to Master International. They drew up a contract offering $5,000. more than we had paid for it. The sent us a letter of intent showing that a company from Japan was purchasing a lot of 100 packages. They sent a bank statement from Citibanamex showing the money in an escrow account. Amanda Gill called and went over the contract and explained that we needed to pay $1570 for a Temporary (90 day) Naturalization and $550. for a Tax Identification number because our package was in Mexico. She reassured us that the money would be reimbursed by the buyer. We got a statement showing that the money had been deposited into our account. There were many other fees and taxes that came up, each time the money was reimbursed in the bank accou... Read More

I have signed paperwork allowed me to get a cancellation and $3000 refund back to my CC based off some extreme financial difficulties that occurred 3 weeks after I initially signed up for the vacation club.

After feeling the typical pressure & woo of being in the club & talking with the salespeople I was excited, but after reading reviews and getting the service I've been getting afterwards - this is the biggest scam ever.

I've sent over 8 emails (in order to have proof) with screenshots, names and dates in order to get my refund that the company signed paperwork stating I would get. It's been over 26 days (they said 15 for refund) and I've gotten no response from anybody.

Was coned into buying a timeshare that is not as was proposed. would like to get others and do a class action suite against them.

they sold me or gifted me a resort @ las vegas grandview thru 3rd party seller on ebay called vacationproperties forless they inturn added my name to the resort iwas omly supose bay 806 i sent a money order to daily managemnet in atalnat 100 they never sent me invoice or anything ilooked up the agency and they are unlisted brokers and licensed expired company this a smooth hustle they trying get me to pay extra 5.00 and they have 2 companies as ther bill collectors

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