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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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We were in Vegas and we were told we could take a short tour of a new hotel and we would be given free tickets to some attractions as a thank you. The tickets were not free (we paid 20$) and the "tour" was a 4 1/2 hour high pressure sales pitch were we couldn't leave. They repeatedly said "this isn't a timeshare"

Condie Wayne Escrow is a criminal organization targeting Home Owners, mostly property owners with houses good for Time share. In March 2019, I came in contact with Mr. Steve Rogers from linkedIn who allegedly works with BnB LLC International and was well educated in the real estate industry. He came with a juicy offer about a house I had with a standing offer. Although I was intrigued as to how he managed to get my contact info he made a very lucrative business proposition to me regarding my house and putting it up for TimeShare. After doing my research about everything he claimed, it was just too accurate I fell for it . While we are handling “paper work” he was already renting out my property on airbnb and in the process lost me $40,000 worth of money I would have made.
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Was coerced into signing a contract i couldnt afford just to get out of presentation that took from 8;30 am til 4pm wasnt explained anything about the contract or anythin about rescinding it i did research on google an called them to ask about rescinding an sent certified letter an i called back a week later an was told i was a day late an im stuck

On Feb 1`, 2018 I went a meeting with this company and they assured me that they would pay ALL MY MAINTENANCE fees for the rest of my life and my children after I die, in exchange for me letting them rent my three bedroom timeshare . They said I would have to give them $8999 up front to off set their deal. I felt that since I am paying $1200 a year in Maintenance, it would pay for it self in 8 years. YEAH RIGHT!!!. To date they only rented one bedroom and gave me only $250 towards my maintenance. They have repeatedly ignored my phone calls and have not rent my timeshare in over a year and a half. None of this was told to me originally. This company is a SCAM and needs to be stopped. I have contacted the MO. BBB and Attorney General's office. They seem to pray on elderly ( I am 7... Read More

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Don't go to their sales presentations and its best to stay away from their resorts!! Even if you are an owner they are constantly trying to upsell you! DO NOT fall for they one that you can rent you're unit and 10-14 preferred weeks and pay for you're "investment". I've tried for two years and PB Perferred Travel had no clue about renting out preferred weeks and said that it was even possible. Johnny Mac was the first salesperson to spin this lie then Martin Cerrillo and Jeff Belway convinced me that I needed more points in order to rent it out. Another year and no rentals on VRBO. I canceled the contract for 10% of bal and took the hit on my credit report. I'd rather explain my mistake to my banker than send them another dime on... Read More

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