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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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On March 1, 2023, I received confirmation for reservation # 37458071, for property #1978274. My check-in date was April 7, 2023. My checkout date was April 15, 2023. My credit card was billed for $1565.37. On April 5, 2023, I received an email informing me that my reservation had been cancelled. I was offered four nights (not eight) at a nearby property and an offer to secure the missing nights or refund if unable to do so. I indicated that that would be acceptable. Despite many hours, emails, and phone calls, I never received lodging for the four missing nights. VRBO did offer reimbursement for three nights at a maximum of $273 per night (email April 7, 2023) and one night (email April 9, 2023). I booked rooms at Best Western for four nights at a total cost of $937.20. ... Read More

I bought into this vacation club twice. First Club in 2003 &then Royal Club in 2013. BOTH times when I bought in Aruba, a PRIME destination, I was told that I would have preference over anyone who bought into the club elsewhere (Mexico, DR, etc.). I was willing to pay the higher maintenance fee for that reason. I call to book in the DR (for Aruba) & I'm told there's no availability. Yet on, Travelocity,, etc. it's showing availability!! How can that be? I believe these "contracts" were signed by Owners prior to websites, which charge triple!! I contact Reservations in the Dominican & NO SUPERVISOR can call me back?? I've been trying to get answers for 3 WEEKS now!

The salesman, Sean, convinced us they would take care of all the reservations and registrations for the "low cost" 1 week stay, 250.00 for the room and 75.00 each for the airfare. He put through the reservation for the room but did not register us on line. The airfare is done with "some other company" so if the registration isn't done in 90 days the offer isn't valid. It is 13 days over the 90 days so no discounted airfare! The registration was supposed to have been done when we bought this and he told us he took care of it...NOPE

Hi My name is Hanh Nguyen, my address is 950 Notre Dame Ouest Montreal , Canada. My phone number is 514 582 2408. my contract number was 401 667787
I got a membership in April 2018. I had a very difficult separation in 2019 and then covid happened. we couldn't travel for about 2 years without 2 weeks of quarantine and now that I want to use my membership they tell me it's expiring. It is really unacceptable that they did not take into consideration that we have had a pandemic and that customers are penalized. Is really a scam !

I have never had an email from them and a reminder that it will expire. once you have our money, there is no service. It is really crude and unacceptable that we don t an exception. And they did not told me that we have to use the service before 3 y... Read More

On Monday July 25, 2022 I called Diamond Resort Help line to inform them that my wife had a stroke and had difficulties walking, and with long and short term memory. As a result of her physical and mental problems we will not be traveling for at any time in the future. I asked for help exiting the time share. I was told that I had to pay off all outstanding money owed. I had a binding contract and there was nothing I could do. Once everything was paid off, there could be a $1,000 fee to leave. Talk about a no help desk.

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