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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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Please everyone who is interested in purchasing a timeshare from Wyndham. (BEWARE)
If I could select 0 STARS I would.

We were approached by a Wyndham Rep in the mall who gave us coupons, 4 25.00 food vouchers, for $40.00 and promised a 50 dollar AMEX gift card once we attended/completed the presentation.
We recieved a receipt of what we were verbally promised. And on the back of the receipt said we will not be PRESSURED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING, AND THE REP THAT WE MET THE FOLLOWING DAY SAID THE SAME. (LIES)

My dad, and family attended the seminar the next day, and toured the resort in Texas which lasted 4 1/2 hours. Which was 2 1/2 hours longer than the rep told us. 1st off my dad whom is a disabled veteran was offered a timeshare for $695.00 17% (interest for financing) plus asse... Read More

I was sent to collections for a $50.00 deposit that I disputed with my bank after almost 2 months of calls trying to use my free vacation
It took over a month to be told that take a break travel went out of business and Grand Incentives was handling their Free travel vouchers
I was trying to use my free 2 night 3 day stay to go to Orlando in Sept 2019 I paid the $50.00 deposit thinking I would know something soon but their email response 2 days after I completed an online form was we will let you know 30 days prior to your requested travel dates IF you will have a room and where it Might be ... this was not acceptable since I was trying to buy plane tickets so I cancelled and asked for my money back
When I did this, i had not been charged and they said it Voided my travel vo... Read More

Got a call yesterday from this company who wants me to rent my Hilton points using RCI because it has cheaper fees. You pay the fee upfront, they "guarantee" payment within 60-90 days after you sign the rental agreement. They handle the rental for events and said you can only do this once a year because you are making money. One of two options was I rent 6 1 bedroom/1 bath rooms, which the fee is $399 to RCI for each one ($2394 total). They in turn find the renters and you get paid back $6006 net income. Sounds too good to be true and I couldn't find much online so I contacted RCI. They do not authorize you to rent points to anyone else. Now maybe this happens and people don't speak of it, but I didn't want to take a chance at not getting paid back. Anytime you ... Read More

I was completely lied to. Everything that was promised was not close to true.

It’s disgusting how people treated! Like animal in a cage not getting out till you’ve been made to take something. Then you can’t cancel it at all. Being a female did not help. I said no several times to several people that kept getting sent to me!!! It does come a point that you end up agreeing because you just need out there and have already been violated basically for hours!

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