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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I paid into Occidental Vacation Club thinking that it would give me 100 years (every other year) of free rentals, but it's not. You have to pay maintenance fees depending on your vacation club membership and when you try to book a vacation, the club does not have any room available for booking and in addition to that, you have to pay fees to stay there for the week that you book. I was not able to book for any vacation in the past 9 years. If you were to book for a vacation with other sites, it's probably cheaper than buying into this vacation club membership (timeshare). This is a scam. Please do not buy into this vacation club membership.

Company cannot supply the One Bedroom Condo, at any date promised. Total scam, 30 days to return membership. Do no trust anyone in sales.

My husband and I got involved in a orientation through pigeon forge. We were to be at the preview center in August 2019 at 8 am. We arrived early and really just went to get our money back that we spent at Captian Jim's seafood buffet and they also said we would get a free 3 day 2 night trip to pigeon forge TN for a gift. They said we would not be there but for 120 minutes. We met with Carey he dud the orientation and he tried to sell us points and we told him no at least 6 different times. They just kept on and on and on and sending more and more people filling our heads with what I thought at the time was stressful and kind of pressuring too. We kept telling them that we couldn't afford what they were selling and we needed to leave because we had a 6 hour drive home. They kept ... Read More

This was an offer to stay at hotels around the country for free if you attend a timeshare sales presentation lasting 120 minutes. It cost $200. Amy Sindle that sold us this said that there never is a problem staying at one of their locations--that is until you call and all their locations are booked up for the year. Maybe next April or May. I am appalled that they have nothing to offer. This is non refundable. I guess I'm out $200. This is a scam to make money they know people wont be able to use.

Finally, after several years, I was able to use the timeshare I was coerced into purchasing during an extremely long presentation back in 2016. They offer to reimburse my booking fee if I sat through a one-hour presentation. 1 hour turned into over five and a half hours. They lied to me, and to another person I was with in order to coerce me into paying to change my mortgage over to a trust. I was told by the sales person repeatedly that there is an easy exit strategy if it is a trust and that I did not have to pay off the entire mortgage in order to sit and get rid of the timeshare. I was told repeatedly that I only needed two wait 3 months, then contact them and let them know I could not afford the monthly payments. after three months, I contacted the company and was told I wou... Read More

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