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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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This company is a total scam. Soon after they rip you of they do not even have a phone line going. If some one calls you from TRU Marketing Enterprise please be careful. They have not done one single thing they promised me to advertise my timeshare for me. These kind of black sheep make the world an ugly place. so sad!!!

when we bought it they said it was tax deductable, it was not.
they did not mention use it or losse your week.
they said they would buy it back.
can't return it back to them, since we can't ever use it.

The money were missing from the Trust fund for many years
They had been taking the money from the inside by corruption. These peoples are fraud and scam. The share owners from each unit had to pay money each years and these Board of Trustees corrupted the money.

They knew who they are. Shame on them !! Scam and Fraud !! /They can live large. Don't even think about people doesn't have anything to eat or place to work. Some days it will go back to you !!

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