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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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Lies about how long a meeting is, how much you end up paying in the end. They think money grows on trees. They make snide remarks to family when they use the timeshare. They are your friend and can be reached before you have made commitments once you give in to the high pressure they ignore your calls.

While on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019, I was lied to and deceived by the scam of employees at DIAMOND RESORTS. Once again, I repeat DIAMOND, stay as far away as possible! RUN! We were approached by a lady asking my friends and I if we’d like FREE DINNERS and FREE SHOW TICKETS, and of course hearing the word “FREE” instantly we responded to her “OF COURSE”!! , She informed us that there was one thing we had to do to be able to get these free goodies, she told us that we had to attend a 2-hour presentation about vacation ownership, from there this nightmare started. I thought I would just attend the presentation and after that be able to get some free tickets and free dinners but that was not the case at all. During the presentation the employees claimed that ther... Read More

We had purchased in 2021, stupid, high pressure and promises broke us down! Ok mistake pull up your big girl panties and live with it. Now 2022 rolls around, update meeting. And we all know what that means. Hilton has purchased Diamond, the first sales person told us if we did not upgrade to the tune of $20,000. Our choice of vacation locations would be very narrow with Hilton. NO! In comes next sales rep, same song and dance. What we heard your purchase with Diamond is worthless since Hilton has purchased without upgrading. NO! Now the "boss" comes in. Said wait if you give us $4000 today we can "freeze" this for 2 years opportunity to buy into Hilton at $4 a point. Points will be going up to $8 a point soon. NO! Lies decete and scam!

We were visiting Disney World in 2017 when we first became aware of Diamond Resorts. We were approached by their reps, and they asked us to attend a 60-90 minute travel investment seminar. This seminar was more than twice as long as we were originally told that it would be, which was pretty frustrating when you are trying to enjoy a vacation with your family. Since we were told that this travel investment would allow us to take our family on vacations all over the world, we thought it would be a great investment for our future. Since that purchase, we have been required to attend sales meetings every time we visited any Diamond property. These are always fraught with complex sales tactics and extreme high pressure. Every time we would mention the disappointments we had alrea... Read More

In may of 2019 we stayed at a resort on Waikiki beach. In the hotel they had a whole bunch of people that their tags said guest services. We planned on doing a bunch of stuff so went to see some of them. Turns out they were working for Diamond Resorts. Promised money off a whole bunch of stuff we wanted to do if we sat in on an hour presentation. Turns out the discounts were actually full price and we literally got nothing for sitting in this presentation for two and a half hours. One after another would come at us when you said no. We finally settled on their 20000 points scam. We had to pay 4500$ US for these points which they explained would get you into their “best” resorts. That october we called because we were planning a trip to Maui. The man on the phone in Las Vegas ... Read More

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