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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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Diamond and Hilton are both terrible companies! Diamond sold my wife and I a bogus timeshare and Hilton is upholding the contract. They roped us in with a “free” vacation- if we gave them an hour of our time. One hour turned in to SIX hours with salespeople wearing us down. They fed us lies the whole time about everything. The main things we were upset about are not being able to exchange points for airfare, not having access to Disney properties, and paying fees for a non-private resort…all of which were the primary reasons we bought! Every subsequent meeting was about the same. The hour we agreed to would turn in to more. We were lied to. They ALWAYS will try to convince you to upgrade. Every time we have expressed a concern, the answer is an upgrade, not that it ever act... Read More

Beware of Diamond Resorts!!! Don’t get trapped into a timeshare with Diamond. They are crooks! When
they sell you a timeshare, they paint a beautiful picture of being an owner, but it’s all lies. Unless you’re
looking to be in financial ruin, DO NOT trust their sales agents. I was told I was buying an “investment”
but that turned out to be an awful lie. I’m stuck with the burden of ever-increasing maintenance fees,
special assessment fee and a huge financial liability on my family! No matter how many times you
decline to purchase a timeshare, they keep the pressure and lies on you until you cave in. What they are
doing is very evil and they are very good at disguising it as a one in a lifetime opportunity. They
constantly try and get me to upgrade! My wife and I were ... Read More

There are very few words to describe Diamond Resorts and the vile people they have working for them. If there was a way to give them less than 1 star I would gladly do so. These miserable thieves have abused me long enough. I made the HUGE mistake of buying into a timeshare with Diamond and the entire experience has been a nightmare. When they sold me the timeshare, they were very kind and professional, they found every way possible to kiss up to me and convince me to buy a timeshare. At first, they didn’t call it a timeshare, they said it was a “membership”. The tricks didn’t stop there, these bums falsely claimed that what I was buying would double in price. I kept refusing to buy anything and explained that multiple times, but they would not take no for an answer. They... Read More

Diamonds Resorts is implementing ruthless, illegal, and fraudulent sales tactics to get timeshare owners to upgrade. Beware of what they say and do not sign a contract with them. We have been owners for over about a decade now and I can’t tell you enough how awful and rotten they have become as an organization. It seems like the older my wife and I get, the more appalling and predatory the treatment we get from Diamond Resorts. They constantly hound you to go to an owner’s presentation to get you to “upgrade” when really, they are just trying to squeeze every penny our of you. We were falsely led to believe that upgrading from Silver to Gold level, that we would be able to monetize our points. They told us at least three times that we could monetize points with Diamond Re... Read More

Diamond/Hilton has been awful to us. My husband and I owned with Sunterra originally, until Diamond took over, then Hilton. In 2014, we went to a meeting specifically for previous Sunterra owners. We thought it was to update us on changes since Diamond took over, but it was a sales ploy to force us into an upgrade. They gave us a “special rate” at $4 per point. The same thing happened in 2015. We went to another meeting and were shown amazing upgrades- but we have to buy more points to enjoy them. Oddly enough, we got the same one-time deal as 2014, $4 per point. In 2020, we got talked into another meeting where we said our fees were too high and we were concerned as we were about to retire. We got tricked in to yet another contract for, you guessed it, $4 per point. Except t... Read More

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