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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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This timeshare with this company has been just plain awful. We are so unhappy with how Holiday Inn handles complaints and treats people as a sale only. We were not told the whole truth and felt so uncomfortable about getting into this and we now just want out. Someone needs to get back with us over this issue as soon as possible.

Holiday Inn is a scam and lies to get people to buy into a timeshare that they say you can make money off of and that it is an investment. That is a lie.

I hate being a part of the Holiday Inn Company and want out.
I do not want to be a timeshare owner anymore. I was lied to buy in the first place.

Holiday Inn Club is awful and take advantage of the same people they call their owners. WE can not even use this timeshare. We want out of this nightmare.

I hat having a timeshare and Holiday makes it very hard and give no help to the owners on want money and fees go up every year.

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