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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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In 2010, we purchased a timeshare with a company called Island One while visiting one of their properties in Florida. When they were purchased by Diamond Resorts, we were immediately hit with a 70% increase in maintenance fees! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! For the next 8 years, we were continually asked to attend Diamond’s “member updates”. It didn’t take long to realize that these were just additional sales presentations where we were continuously pressured to purchase more and more points. Every time we declined and left these meetings, we were rudely dismissed. On one particular occasion, we were FORCED TO WALK BACK to a totally different resort because they had sent a car to pick us up earlier in the day. What kind of company treats people this way???
When we start... Read More

When we arrived in Branson, MO, at Diamond Resort’s Fall Creek, we had no idea that we would need to attend a sales presentation. At this presentation, we spoke to countless members of their sales staff who continued to tell us all the “amazing” benefits of ownership with Diamond. In an effort to leave, we purchased a sampler package. Once we returned home, we tried to use this to travel, yet every time we went on the website, nothing was available. We met with the staff a second time to try and resolve this issue. We were assured that if we purchased enough points to get to the next membership level, all our problems would be resolved. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. Again, we went to meet with the staff to discuss. At this meeting, which lasted over 7 hours, we were adaman... Read More

Paid for two trips 1 ways to do a timeshare II was called a bonus trip I never received the bonus trip.

We were asked to attend a meeting with Diamond Resorts in late August 2020. As Monarch owners, we were told that we needed to upgrade into the Diamond system in order to keep the equity that we had with our prior purchase, that we would never pay maintenance fees and that we would never be called to attend another meeting. There appeared to be no downside! It was not until a month later that we started to see the lies that had been told to us. We never received any paperwork or billing information and when we called no one knew anything about it. In November, we drove to Las Vegas to try and figure out what was going on. When we met with the finance department, they claimed they had no paperwork from August and had us sign new paperwork, again reiterating that there would b... Read More

The use of the Diamond membership has left us very disappointed due to the lack of consistent and truthful information that Diamond Resort employee gives us. Each time we reserved a Diamond stay, it came with a required “60-minute” presentation which ends up being a full day! This takes time away from our Vacation that we would very much enjoy instead of being faced with lies and inconsistent information that the MANY salespersons would give at these LONG presentations. One of the lies was that we no longer needed interval International membership because Diamond would “pay for it”. We were then notified that Diamond no longer covered that fee and we would have to pay it along with a myriad of other undisclosed fees. On our last stay, they told us that we are a gold memb... Read More

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