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Hi My name is Hanh Nguyen, my address is 950 Notre Dame Ouest Montreal , Canada. My phone number is 514 582 2408. my contract number was 401 667787
I got a membership in April 2018. I had a very difficult separation in 2019 and then covid happened. we couldn't travel for about 2 years without 2 weeks of quarantine and now that I want to use my membership they tell me it's expiring. It is really unacceptable that they did not take into consideration that we have had a pandemic and that customers are penalized. Is really a scam !

I have never had an email from them and a reminder that it will expire. once you have our money, there is no service. It is really crude and unacceptable that we don t an exception. And they did not told me that we have to use the service before 3 y... Read More

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