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we fell for this once in May2019 and gave up funds to 'sell' our unused weeks at Interval International. We were naive new owners, and stupidly thought this was the way of timeshare properties. It made sense to sell what we were not going to use and to make money to be able to cover annual maintenance fees, but it was costly. Never heard back from the company until just this week 05 Oct 2022. Now they want almost 3x the funds for 'activiation fees'. They want it now, wire transfer, nothing in writing. Wasn't going to give up more funds to chase funds already lost.
we declined

This Company targets Time Share Owners using High Pressure Sales people that claim that they will rent out your Timeshare Weeks for a large sum so that you can make a profit. As soon as they get your Credit Card Number or money in any form, that is when their Scam succeeds. They do nothing that they claim that they will do. They don't rent out your property. They won't even return your phone calls or do anything to follow through on any of their Bogus claims to rent out your Vacation weeks. Please read other reviews, they have conned so many with their High Pressure Tactics, and seniors are their primary target. Do yourself a favor and Turn them into the FTC Federal Trade Commission, when they get numerous complaints they will investigate and shut them down. Call yo... Read More

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