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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Pretends to have a buyer for timeshares, collects fee for phony reasons, has worked in S.Ca. and Fla before going to California.

I recently read a complaint about ignoring e-mails requesting progress reports. At the time I thought that the complainant was perhaps being unreasonable in his expectation in demanding a reply so soon. To test the theory I too sent a request for a progress report and surprise, surprise received no response. Since then I have sent both a request and a demand instructing not to take off USD 10,00 once the 3 month contract with them runs out.

Well no surprise there, not so much as an acknowledgement. Who knows maybe by asking this question on this forum may result in the long awaited reply. I would urge anyone considering selling their timeshares through this Company reconsider, as these guys are initially very accommodating until suc... Read More

I was called by a rep asking if I would be interested in selling/renting my timeshare for a Gurantee that if no one rents or buys my timeshare that they would buy it from me, charging me an upfront fee of $999 on my credit card, since then I could never get in contact with this company and they would never call me back. They stole my money and provided me with no service at all.

First there was the VAT tax of over $6,000. Then the escrow costs of $2,600, then the attorney fees of $2600 (because I was told the Mexican government thought my money was drug money). No another request for $900. because the attorney needs more money. Do we smell a rat????????????????????

Promised resale of time share. Sent contract to be signed. Then called sale was good but needed 2643 for closing, then wanted another 3200 for termination fee. No check received. They are onle large rip off. Company no longer has a web page and number originally given cannot be reached as it is out of service.

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