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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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or what I refer to now is A sampler scammer
Lots of money For Nothing. I cant book a hotel because there ARE NO RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE FOR THE SAMPLER SCAM

It’s disgusting how people treated! Like animal in a cage not getting out till you’ve been made to take something. Then you can’t cancel it at all. Being a female did not help. I said no several times to several people that kept getting sent to me!!! It does come a point that you end up agreeing because you just need out there and have already been violated basically for hours!

We were defrauded by Diamond Resorts for $15,500 in 2016. What happened is that their salesperson made representations to us which were not in the written contract we signed. We found out later that virtually nothing he represented to us at the sales presentation in order to induce us to buy was true. Details follow.

We only went to the presentation to receive the attendance reward. After a few hours of the listening to the usual spiel trying to get us to buy more anyway even though it made no sense for us who wanted to "sell" what we already owned (for zero, which I have always known as the industry standard practice) what they already owned, we made our position clear and started to leave. At this point our salesman offered us this "great new deal" Diamond... Read More

Re 11/18/2016 contact fraud

I wanted to get out of my diamond timeshare, which of course is worth nothing, and will cost me to legally dispose of it. However when invited to attend one of their presentations I went solely to get the free gift promised. I told the salesman up front I had no interest in buying more points because I was planning to get out. Still for an hour he persisted in pushing all the wonderful benefits I would get if I upgraded to 'Silver' status. Again, I said I had no interest. When I said I was leaving at that point he described a 'new' 'buyback' program from Diamond whereby after 2 years if I had gold status I could sell it back to Diamond for a large amount, and that if I was 'silver' status could sell it back after 3. In my case, he quoted $108,000 if I... Read More

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