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We have A Membership Sales Agreement to sell my Time Share in Cancun, Mexico with a purchase price of $21,250.
I paid $2,653.00-Temporary Naturalization;$518.00-Tax Identification Number; $3,187.50-State Tax; $4,532.00 Legal & Recording fee; $5,750.00 Customs Clearance. These are all reimbursements. After paying those fees I have to pay a lot more before sending me my money. The total payments I made was over $109,000+. The last that they want me to pay was $25,000.00+ which I told them I don’t have money anymore. They said that they cannot release the fund to me because I have to pay it to the Mexican govt. If I cannot send them the money then the contract will be cancelled. The money deposited in the escrow thru Citibanamex in the amount of $73,038.00 will be refunded to... Read More

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