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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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A complete scam! Contacted my mother and said they had a buyer - she paid 0 at least not a lot - and then of course - nothing. THEN, someone has the nerve to pretend to be their attorney and is rectifying the situation. Still no check and surprise, surprise, no response from him. I hope there is an investigation on this company and the scammers are brought to justice.

Broker by the name of David Martinez contacted me to share my timeshare and may I add that he had all my timeshare information when he called. it was a COMPLETE SCAM we never closed and I sent them $6050. I had to report this to the police and the FBI. This started in July with a phone call, we had contracts, we had conference calls we had emails and it was a complete scam. Here we are 2 months later and nothing happened they all just disappeared. Names of scammers Lorna Quijano Service Manager, Jeremy Bowers from St. Petersburg Florida a so litigation attorney with an AOL account who sent emails with numerical grammatical errors . He came to play towards the end when they wanted even more money from me and I refused to send (his number is 727-322-3965 email-Jeremy.bowers... Read More

Has anybody ever sold there timeshare on this site????? My Villa del palmar add has been on here over 1300 days. I think timeshare scammers check this site because that's the only calls I get. Mine is free good to 2036 all you need to do is pay maintain fees and its yours. Add #115

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