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Beware. Got a call from a guy calling himself Alex Wilson. Tried gaining my trust, but I don't trust people calling me asking to buy my timeshare. You know the story, they give the sales pitch and try to make it so attractive that you can't resist. I gave the guy me email address and he sent me this pretty good email that almost sound legit. Don't buy into it! Their website leads to NOTHING, just about a bunch of claims of who they are and what they represent, but again it leads nowhere when you click on the links. I went a step further and checked out their address which again leads to an empty property lot that sits vacant. Don't buy their bull shit. No matter how bad you want out of your timeshare, don't ever answer to anyone calling you about your timeshare. DON'T DO IT!
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this is a very rude and persistant individual by the name of Jonathan Prescott out of Florida calling randomly

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