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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I listed a timeshare with this company at the cost of $895.00 to join the superstar program. They promised the would sell the timeshare and if not in 10 months , they would buy it from me at market value. I followed all the terms and when the 10 months was up I asked for them to buy the time share. They said it would be two months to do research on what it was worth an then after an addtional month and a half I finally got my offer which was for $1.08. plus I would need to pay $525.00 for a transfer fee. All they did was post the time share on ebay at the end of January and asked for bids. What a rip off!!

Great West Funding wants to sell my timeshare at Dolphin's Cove in Anaheim, Ca for $22850. They have a client to pay and will send in a down payment of $4,570.00 plus $2,487.00 processing fee, non refundable. If the buyer defaults this money goes to me the seller. However, I need to send in $2175 fee for escrow to closel in April. This company is listed with the state of Arizona and of course BBB. I have not found anything neggative but I don't want to be their first victim. If anyone has any helpful information regarding this company, please send it in.

Told that a large company was buying a large number of units at my timeshare for their company executives and they would buy my unit. I paid the escrow and the IVA taxes. And then they were gone. Everything that they had listed at their site seemed to be ligit, but is not. I hope there is some one out their that can help me.

both are listing companies that told me that they had buyers waiting to buy at my resort been listed for over a year and no offers

when we bought it they said it was tax deductable, it was not.
they did not mention use it or losse your week.
they said they would buy it back.
can't return it back to them, since we can't ever use it.

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