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Timeshare Expansion at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The economy may be dragging its feet in recent years, but that does not appear to be slowing Disney down very much. The rumored construction of new timeshare units at the Polynesian Resort at Disney World in Orlando has now been confirmed.

Even in a stagnant economy, there are some things people just refuse to give up, and for many folks, that something appears to be a stay at a Disney World resort. With their Grand Floridian Resort and Spa scheduled to open on October 23rd, it is clear that Disney World is buzzing with activity that extends beyond the usual crowds looking for Mickey or long lines of thrill seekers waiting for their turn on one of the resort’s white-knuckle rides.

Disney recently broke ground on the new project at the Polynesian Resort, which will reportedly bring their total number of timeshare properties to thirteen, nine of which are located at Walt Disney World.


Disney Vacation Club members with a special affinity for the Polynesian will likely be pleased to hear about the expansion project. The Disney Vacation Club allows members to use points that are allocated to them to spend time at a Disney Vacation Club Resort or one of their 500-plus Member Gateway destinations in various locations around the world.

Members can use their points to for more time to spend at their chosen destination or can invest those points in better accommodations on shorter stays. Points are allocated on an annual basis for members to use as they wish.

Disney’s point system is actually quite flexible and allows members to both “bank” and “borrow” points. This involves saving points to carry over into the following year that could be used to plan an extra-special getaway or borrowing points from the coming year’s allotment to accomplish the same goal.

Disney’s popular Polynesian Resort was constructed to recreate a South Pacific atmosphere, complete with coconut palm trees, sandy beaches, tropical vegetation and koi ponds. South Pacific island traditions are recreated after dark at the Great Ceremonial House, where the sounds of drums fill the air as torches and traditional fire-knife dancing keep the darkness at bay. The Polynesian Resort also features the Nanea Volcano Pool, with a towering volcano standing guard nearby and a waterslide at the ready to deliver bathers to the cool waters of the pool and provide welcome relief from the warm tropical sun.

Traveling to and from the Magic Kingdom could not be easier thanks to the monorail system, which runs right through the resort. That means there is no need to worry about jumping in and out of a sun-baked car or looking for a parking space when you want to move between the resort and the park’s main attractions.

In addition to the new construction that will increase capacity at the Polynesian Resort, Disney is also in the process of refurbishing existing facilities at the resort. Although there is no word on the exact size of the expansion at this time, construction is expected to be completed sometime during 2015. More details on the expansion are expected from Disney in the coming months.


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