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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

LaToya Brown contacted us and offered to buy our Timeshare as an private buyer. She said she was starting a vacation rental business. After several emails back and forth she said she said she was leaving for 8 weeks to get a new hearing aide. Then she had a plan to send us money and then we send her broker money. Then I said no! Samuel Banet is the broker. We were concerned about the legitimacy of this from the beginning. When the seller has to send money, you can figure it is a scam.

An attempted scam took place for my time share resale. It is exactly as described above. I sent a Money Gram to Turkey but fortunately was able to cancel it. This company is very clever and "pulled the wool over my eyes". I made the false assumption that their check was valid and that I was merely using their money. My wife discovered this website and I rushed to the bank and was able to cancel the Money Gram wire of $2000 and found out that their was fraudulent. Thanks to your website we avoided this loss.

Connie Bricker claims to be hearing impaired and has to go off for medical treatment. She can't reach her broker so sends a check to timeshare seller and asks you to wire fees for services less a deposit to Samuel Banet in Turkey. I assume they hope you will wire fund before seller realizes the check is no good. Probably no recourse once you wire since it's off to Turkey.
Watch out!!!!

Received an email from LaToya Brown inquiring about my timeshare for sale. Claimed she was hearing impaired and would be using her broker at First American Title to handle escrow account and closing. Sent her a contract for sale, after not hearing from her decided to google her phone number (619) 648 0812. It also came up as a scam for Eileen Hayes and other names, all scam rip-offs. BEWARE. She used her email ltbrown1900 and 1901 @

When I went to Los Cabos, Mexico last January, I really only went because I had an airline ticket that would expire if I didn’t use it.

I had been to Mexico many times and was well aware of the timeshare salespeople who hung around the airport on arrival waiting to entice naïve travelers. I managed to avoid them (I thought) but was approached by a very pleasant fellow just as I was leaving the airport who claimed the airport authority had a special promotion on trips. I listened to what he had to say after being assured this wasn’t a timeshare and only after I had signed on to several trips I wanted to do anyway did he reveal that I would have to attend a timeshare presentation after all. I was embarrassed to back out at that point and agreed to a timeshare presentation th... Read More

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