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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

ICB calls and offers to send a sales contract (with a dollar amount) for your timeshare. They knew the name of the timeshare, but not the location. The f/up letter coontains ONLY details ofinfo you gave on phone and they offer an outrageous am't for 1 week.
Then they want an info sheet completed and sent back w/in 5 days..............Ugh

When I saw the e-mailed info sheet I checked ICB online and found the scam reported so I'll delete thier stuff and hope others find this sight and do the same before giving out anymore information.

I gave them approx. $10,000 and they promised me that I would get the money back in approx. six months. I have not received the money back. In addition, they promised me that I would receive approx. 50,000 thousand pioints for getting time at resorts. I have receive nothing.

Vida vacation offer to buy our shell vacation time share and made a good offer that we could not refused making nice payments by month.
2 months later (we are to start paying 3 mts later) we get a letter were they want full payment of of contract on one lumpsum.
but nothing about our other time share they offer to buy from us.
Now we end up with 3 payments our old time share, down payment for the new one and full payment for this new t contract.
They said no notes or offer was ever made to buy shell timeshare and no contract to make payment over a period of time.
after trying to contact them rerout me to customer service everytime, they just collect debts perion they do not try to help you solve your problem never the less help you.
Fruitless efforts and time keeps on going by yo... Read More

I have been with timeshares since the early 80's and this was the outdated dirty place I have stayed at. Their sign in when you get there is very confusing and you feel like cattle being moved around just to get a key to where you stay. I had hardly any cooking supplies and when I called the service they called back said they couldn't get what I asked for. We put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door and they came in anyways. My grandson sat on a chair on the patio and it collapsed and broke into pieces. We saw coach roaches , pubic hair in different spots of the rooms and my granddaughter got some bites on her face and legs.

They said they rented my timeshare and they had a check for me, but I had to pay a sale tax for Florida and then it went to some lawyer's office and he said that it never got recorded so I had to give him money too. Now no one is calling me back and I felt I have been scam. If I am wrong I will take it back, but I would like some answers.

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