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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Christine sent me a letter several times about buying my condo and I finally emailed her and said okay. She gave me offer and said because she was hearing impaired everything would be done through her broker and his associates. She would be leaving for 8 weeks but would keep in contact. She was going to send a check for $2900, $500 earnest money and the rest fees for the broker. I was to send the money thru moneygram. I did check the internet and I didn't find anything at that time. The check did come and I deposited it and I waited five days and nothing happened. So I thought the check was legitamate. We did as they ask and the next they said the fees were higher than they thought and needed another $300, she wanted me to take it out of the earnest money and she would return ... Read More

Timeshare resold for value of 24,300. All i need to do before I received my cashier check was to western union $275 title fee to closing agent located in Dominican Republic. Receiver name: Amaury Fernandez Ventura
No Money Sent, I knew it was a scam.....

On July 7th, 2016 I was contacted by a Rubin Gordon from Coastline Timeshares Resales indicating they had a buyer for my timeshare that I own at Eagle Rock Resort near Hazleton, PA. They sent me a buyer's contract signed by a Gary and Barbara Brock indicating a purchase price of $17,000 along with a contract indicating that in order to proceed I would need to wire $2,200 to cover deed transfer ($700), Title search ($600) and Lawyer fee of ($900), a Charles Hansen from their "legal department" then contacted me to confirm that once they received the wire they would overnight the documents to process the transaction. I then did some internet searches for "timeshare scams" and looked on scammer website such as this one to check them out and did not see any bad pr... Read More

Presented me with a document offering to purchase my timeshare by another party ( The buyer) for an offered price. Brian Jenkins the sales agent claimed his company was representing this person who was in the market for a time share and mine was what they were looking for. They charged a fee of $150 USD to accomplish a title search. Once the fee was paid the company nor Brian Jenkins returned calls or emails.

Was approched to sell my time share in michigan while at tree tops resort by Russ Cooper. They agreed to sell my time share after I paid them up front , with agreement they would sell within a year, or get money back. Then they asked me if wanted to keep a low maintenance time share, and said would if the one got sold, whereby the sold me into Tree tops resort, but they never sold, never returned any money, and the time share points, were put into RCI, and amounts to only a studio at most.

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