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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I was solicited by Le Reve to visit their property while in Mexico. They offered me $25,000 for my existing timeshare in NC. The amount is much more than I paid, and they explained that Mexican nationals can obtain a VISA to enter the US much easier if they have property in the US, therefore this deeded timeshare that I own is very valuable to them. In order to get the $25,000, I needed to buy into their vacation membership plan called Le Club.

We were given free massages as well as 3 meals that day and treated very nicely by Cosmo ? and Apollo Miller. A company by the name of Tulip Market would be the ones paying me the $25,000 and Cosmo guaranteed it would happen within 6 months, once the title search and paperwork went through. He seemed to have full authority to make s... Read More

We were invited to a free dinner to discuss a settlement against RCI and timeshare properties, who were not marketing the open timeshare properties. we were told they would buy our points which were 200,000 points, and would rent out our current weeks of timeshare with a return of 6.5% per point. this was 2-24-2014. but there was a catch. We had to give them a check for AVD for $598.00, another $9400.00 on a credit card. We were to get all our monies back and money for the points 9 months later. We have left messages and filed complaints with the BBB. This is clearly a scam and we were dumb enough to buy into it. If it is to good to be true, it probably is. We have left messages with no response.

On June 12, 2014 I entered into a deal with the above named company to sell my Time Share; I paid the $198.00, and was told I would be notified when an offer was made on my property. August 6, 2014 I was contact by someone other than Chrystal and told there was an offer on my property and if I could pay the closing cost to help the buyer qualify for their loan, so dumb me I paid $1795.00 closing fee. I was then contacted again about two weeks later stating I could speed up the process if I paid the assessment fee, I said no and that was the last I had any human contact with this company. I inquired on the webpage and received a message from customer support that a salesperson would contact me within 48 hours never happened, even after I have sent several email. Something nee... Read More

I agree to sell a vacation club package. The contract required me to pay an upfront transfer fee which would be reimbursed by the buyer. Over the next 2 months I was informed that I needed to pay 6 additional fees that were required by the Mexican government and that the buyer would reimburse me for each of these fees. I was sent escrow statements from Moon Abstract Co indicating that the buyer had deposited checks for all of the fees in an escrow account. After wiring the last fee the Moon Abstract Co took down their website and discontinued their phone lines and International Corporate Brokers has not returned any of my phone calls or emails. I have filed a report with the FBI

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