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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We originally had a weeks time share every other year. When we sat through the owner's time share meeting, Alex explained the point system - we get 400 points or equal to four weeks or a lot of different combinations, larger rooms for 200 points. Even showed us the MonteCristo and indicated we could book that also with our points at no maintenance cost except every five years. Roll over your points to RCI, bank your points. Also there is a preferred account worth $3500.00 you get every year - he indicated this could be used to pay your maintenance fees. Only have to pay once every five years. WOW what a great deal - NOT. After we upgraded found out that we cannot use our points for the MonteCristo, cannot use the $3500.00 to pay for maintenance fees. Each time you use 100... Read More

They called me and told me they had a demand for my time share. People where waiting to rent my time share. I would get $7200.00 for my points. I paid them $799.00 and never heard a word. When I called they said the sales person had been fired, but the advertising had been done. What advertising? They told me it was rented and their sales people would handle everything. A SCAM!! I turned them into the BBB and the Florida Attorney General for a scam.

During our trip to the Mayan Riviera. My husband and I were asked to attend a breakfast the next morning. We were pressured and tricked into signing a contract for 30 years membership with Mayan Palace. When we came back to USA we wanted to find a way to get out of the contract, but it was almost impossible. We were paying for a 5 years and we never used it. We have spent $10k dollars on various scams over the years with promising to sell it for us.
Tired of wasting our money I called a Mayan Palace and they offer to help resell our contract. They referred us to a Broker company and we paid $700 and after two years this company disappeared. Tired of been scammed, browsing on internet, I came across Mexican Timeshare Solution web site, I read the Testimonials and I decide to tr... Read More

I was contacted with an offer to purchase my timeshare - with title search cost, tax research paid via Western Union to home office in Florida to "owner" There was a contract, and given date of June 3rd to get closed - since this was sent everything no return to emails and calls to number state number unable to take messages - this was the phone number that Mr. Norman answered 3 times for me prior to my sending the closing cost - I can only assume at this point this was a total rip off.

We have enjoyed the first 5 years of the contract but it became impossible to book in at even any of the first ten choices of resort and when a hurricane hits any of Raintree properties, even though it is not your resort, a special assessment charge is levied which can be as much as the annual maintenance fee.
Some of the more popular resorts have a waiting list of two years.
We decided to relinquish our accumulated points and stop paying our maintenance fee.

Within the next 9 months we received debt collection letters from three different companies and we decided to fight the injustice of the Raintree system.
After much searching of the internet and reading many similar stories from lots of timeshare customers we found Mexican Timeshare Solutions website which only charges a fe... Read More

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