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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Go to stumble forward .com and scroll to the latest entries for the fraudster stories of this company. I have spent hours and hours trying to find a fault. That's how sophisticated these scammers are. Finally I came across the dirt. Legitimate names and companies are getting hacked and it is extremely difficult to discern what is legit or not.

got email from this company been trying to sell and did a little research but I guess not enough. sent signed offer and said if buyer backed out 1/2 of deposit would be turned over to me. my cost was only would be 180 dollars so even though I had a bad vibe nothing said no. I guess the cost of the fees $180 was worth a shot and I got stung.

They said they have a buyer for my timeshare that I have been trying to sell. They just need me to send $150 by Western Union to have a title search done on the timeshare. So I sent the money to an Amanda Fuller to have all the paperwork pertaining to the sale mailed to me to be signed by me and a notary and returned afterwards. 3 days later a check will be mailed to me or put into my bank account. I have heard nothing or received nothing since I sent the money for the title search. This is 19 business days later. I was supposed to receive the paperwork via US mail within 18 days of receipt of above mentioned title search monies. I am sick of being scammed by companies claiming they can sell my timeshare.

told by sales resp. and his supervisor was present that if I would update to a bronze level - then I could convert points to choice and get enough 4x as many - points to pay off my maintence fee every year and then for 300$ a week or less I could rent what ever time share I wanted.
maintence fee due now over a thousand $ and the most I can get is turn in 20000 points that I have (only 10000 are this years) to get 200$ off. hardly going to pay all of my maintence fees every year

I bought a time share at Mayan Palace as an investment and was told I could use the equity to purchase a one or two bedroom. They have totally lied about everything they said they were going to do. They are impossible to contact. They said they fired the manager who originally sold the time share to me I do not believe that happend. The same sales person sold my Girlfriend a time share that I heard him say they would sale her time share for exchange for hers because she was trying to get out of her old one. She signed the papers and was stucked with two. They completely lied to her and continue to do so. She had not had any success in resolving her issue with the same time share company. She also had another couple that were friends of hers that bought and they were lied to and ... Read More

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