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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

My wife and I have owned time shares for over 30 years. We are using them differently now and rather than vacation, since we are retired, we are wintering most often in Puerto Vallarta. We went to a timeshare presentation to Vallarta Gardens. We own two timeshares in Florida, and since we do not spend that much time in Florida, we were interested when Vallarta Gardens offered to buy a Florida Timeshare as the bulk of a purchase toward one of theirs. This was the only reason we bought as it made sense that we could use these for more time in Puerto Vallarta.I was thrilled at first. They even offered to set up a follow up meeting for any questions we might have. Even after a few contacts, the meeting was not set up until more than a week later, not where we had discussed but... Read More

I was recently contacted via email by Connie Bricker offering to purchase my time share (email string below). I received her "offer" this morning. I haven't responded yet and wondering what I should do about it:

From: Connie Bricker <>
To: Melissa **********
Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2016 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: Your Vacation resort unit?


Thanks for the details. Having reviewed all the information provided, I have made my offer as clearly as possible below.

1- I will be willing to pay $4,000 for your timeshare, closing will commence within the next few days.

2- I am hearing impaired in both ears and as a result, I will doing all closing formalities through my broker. I will be responsible for the closing cost and title transfer fe... Read More

I came across Mexican Timeshare Solutions on the web and read the testimonials. I will be honest in that I was very skeptical of this company and in the process. I researched this company numerous times and even confirmed that they had good ratings with the Better Business Bureau. I took a chance and contracted them with the guarantee of no payment until my membership was canceled. Three months later, my membership was cancelled legally and I am now free of this timeshare scam. I was so frustrated that I would be stuck with this membership for 40 years but thanks to Mexican Timeshare Solutions, they came to the rescue.

I was recently contacted by this same person named Latoya Brown who was very aggressive in buying my timeshare. We exchanged emails several times and gave me an offer of $22,000 then she wants to send me a deposit for $500 to hold the property and she mentioned that she have a hearing disability and be out of office for 8 weeks for check up and for the meantime she wants to send me a cashier check of $2900.00 and deposit it to my account and send her back $2400.00 deduct my $500. I got suspicious because I am aware of the cashier check scam. I check her address and missing a suite# and research more about her and came across this web. Same person and same broker.

LaToya Brown contacted us and offered to buy our Timeshare as an private buyer. She said she was starting a vacation rental business. After several emails back and forth she said she said she was leaving for 8 weeks to get a new hearing aide. Then she had a plan to send us money and then we send her broker money. Then I said no! Samuel Banet is the broker. We were concerned about the legitimacy of this from the beginning. When the seller has to send money, you can figure it is a scam.

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