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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

These 2 companies together ripped us off on a timeshare scam in the amount of $7904.00. They said they had a buyer for our timeshare and asked that we send closing costs and a tax fees in which we did. They even went as far as having a satisfied customer call us to tell us how well it worked for them. The whole thing was a scam and I hope these guys get caught and prosecuted.

Re/Max solicited me to sell my time share with a marketing agreement signed on 8/11/2009 and a up front fee of $650 dollars, they have never contacted me with any offers, and the times i have called them, i was told that the property is being advertisement which was an out-right lie, how do i re-coup my monies?

I was told if I upgraded my timeshare to the points system, rather than the week I had, any unused time I had at the end of the year would be paid automatically to me at the rate of 6.5 cents per unit. I charged $9,100 to a credit card to pay for the upgrade and made monthly payments. I was supposed to be paid for my points at the end of December. Never heard anything, and the number I have to contact T.E.C is now the residence phone for a family. I have no way to contact anyone. All of the other numbers are for VSI who say they have no idea what I'm talking about and will not return calls.

On May 7, 2014, I met with Epic Journey at Smilie's Restaurant at 5723 Jefferson Highway, Harahan, LA. I purchase a points system timeshare at Grandview in Las Vegas. The transaction included transferring my current timeshare plus $5500.00. I have never received any documents to substantiate this sale and my current timeshare was never transferred. The transaction was to be completed in 180 days. I have been calling for months and leaving messages, but no one returned my calls.

Told if I bought a membership at Le Reve that they would sell my other timeshares. Tulip Marketing would handle the sale and send payment within 270 days. The timeshares were supposed to be in an escrow account. They were answering calls and this was to be completed within weeks. They have stopped answering calls and emails. It is passed the contracted 270 days. They need to be stopped.

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