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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Invited for free dinner and discussion of "selling" timeshare points for a share of profits in February 2014 The hook: This was settlement from legal action against RCI and timeshare properties who were not marketing the open timeshare properties. This would allow us to cover our time share expenses and we would be able to get vacations for much lower point exchanges through Vacation Services International. Payout would be $O.65 per point exchanged;exchanged 180,000 points. Pay pack would be $10,000 in Ocbober 2014. Cost to transfer was >$8,000 in fees and an additional $598 for the membership with Vacation Services International. Contact was AVD, Dan, 847-656-5337, voice-mail immediately. The director of operations during the presentation was Nealson Adams. Pat Thom... Read More

On Sept. 5, 2013, We were sold an "enhancement package" that would allow us to turn in Excess timeshare points for a cash rebate. The points rebate was supposed to take 6 months. I made contact with a person after six months that said the process actually took 6 months after the 6 month waiting period. More than a year later and .no one responds on the phone and everything on the internet shows it was a scam. We are out $9,998.

These names might not be the right names because they are definitely a organized Scam artist, that are ripping everybody off. They call my husband and I telling us they have a couple that want to rent out our Getaway Bonus Week. We should be getting 20,000. We needed to pay a documental State Tax before we get our checks of $727 through Money Gram, which cost us a total of $849. I'm pressing charges and will be having FBI on the case. Don't trust them for one min. The names are probably not real. If they get in touch with you they probably would use another name. I don't know how they sleep at night knowing they are probably taking food out of the mouths of little kids. I hope they get Ebola and die!

was told my property at flagship resorts in atlantic city was sold for 16,000 dollard on 23 july 2014.told that i would receive payment around 3rd week in sept 2014.have not received anything as of yet.called todey 23 sept and there phone numbers are not in use.

I have tried repeatedly to reach this company by phone and there is no answer. Supposedly they sold my timeshare for me but I have yet to see the money or have I been able to contact them. I sent them $450 to help finance the people who were buying. I believe they are a scam unless I can be proven otherwise.

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