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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We have been a victim of scam at Pueblo Bonito Resort & Spa.. in April 15,2016.. we attended to cancel the contest the next day and we were told that there was not grace period to cancel. The salesman by name Omar Alvarez promised and ensured us that he will sale our existent timeshare.. A Big lie.. we put down couple of thousands. But we had no results. Each time I had to pay my credit card bill for Pueblo Bonito it reminded me of the fraud they had committed against me and I knew I had to do something about it and I did, I hired a company named Mexican timeshare Solutions. The fact that MTS did not take any money up front was reassuring for me. Thanks to them we were released of our membership completely. The reason of my post it´s to warn you and to avoid you to fall in... Read More

My sister and I both owned at Pueblo Bonito, Sunset. We were there in 2011 and got sucked into a presentation at Mayan Palace. Being stupid and believing this would get us out of our existing timeshares, we signed on. We had to pay $13,000+ to them as well as $7,000 to transfer ownership through TimeshareResaleMarket. We made that decision based on repeated lies. we checked with them two years ago and of course they don't want to buy it back and we had not found a reputable sales agent to get rid of it that way. Even we offered to sell it for half of what we paid for it.
We found "Mexican Timeshares Solutions"; we called them and was promised no payment until the contract is canceled. We provided them with everything they needed and cooperated with them to help them ... Read More

I acquired a timeshare membership in 1993, With the company that at that time was called "CLUB REGINA" and because what they offered seemed to me fair and real. In addition the development at that time had three destinations: Cancún, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, it was next to the Westin Regina Hotel and we could as club members make use of the facilities of the hotels in each destination. During the first years we enjoyed in family the benefits of vacations in almost ideal circumstances; But with the time the company was sold or associated with another (s) and then when it was called RAINTREE VACATION CLUB , That's where the problems started. The first thing they did was not to let us use the hotel facilities, they separated the facilities with a wall.
Then we obse... Read More

we started with pro time share resales in june 2016; we are here at 2017 with no sale; we put money up front as in their contract; for sales purposes; we internet signed; we used a credit card with Barclay bank; maybe I could get some of my money back from Barclay ; all payments were made to Barclay visa card;;agent vern said she would get together at the end of the month; I did everything legal according to their contract; they even gave me 900. credit for my loss to condo trader towards my contract with protimeshareresalesl com; I had no idea that pro time might have been dishonest; ad, agreement,10728.21547(2016-02-02 1351.pdf between protimeshareresales and claude b busby is signed and filed. and signed

We purchased a timeshare at the Grand Mayan San Jose Del Cabo . Upon receiving our papers we noticed there were many fees involved that we were not made aware of. The sales representative misrepresented what the contract/membership entailed. we had been trying to get out of the timeshare and they were saying its too late to cancel it. Seeking legal means of timeshare contract cancellation. we found a company called Mexican Timeshare Solutions that seemed reliable, Very skeptical about our latest experience. we decided to contact them. The process was very simple; I provided them with everything they needed and cooperated with them to help them do their job. They were always quick to answer my e-mails and phone calls in a very friendly, professional manner. Fortunately we got... Read More

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