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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Have done closing and escrow plus tax to SAT and have not heard from anyone after saying they were going to close in 48 hours and now not answering phone or emails.

We paid one time fee of $998 to list timeshare for sale or rent and were told that they would list it and actively seek buyers or renters - It has been over 3 years and we have not had a single inquiry nor have they ever called us to follow up on status and strategy for selling or renting as was promised
We requested the listing to be renewed for free after one year, per contract, but it was not relisted and remains missing from their listings.

I was ripped off in the cruelest way possible, while I relaxed and confident on my vacation, I was invited to a presentation of "supposedly" 90 minutes which really lasted nearly 6 hours, at the beginning we did not want to buy anything, but for them seemed quite the opposite, like "if you tell us more, we are very interested in buying"

finally tired we believed that our only way to get out is buying ,as the seller told us: “ try it and if you don’t want it you can quit at anytime with a refund back “ ,obviously we believed them and as we were very tired and fed up or read anything we accepted.

We decided to enjoy our vacation and returning home and with calm we could cancel the timeshare with no problem. To our bad luck when we called to cancel, th... Read More

Let me tell you my experience, I was in Mexico enjoying my vacation time, when I was invited to attend a timeshare presentation, as I did not want to be rude I decided to go. Well, that was the worst mistake I may have made.
They kept me there for 8 hours, I was feeling like a I was wasting my vacation time, so I asked the sales man if I sign and then I regret, and I have de desire of cancel the contract if there is any problem? Of course he told me that there was no problem and he continued talking about how wonderful is his membership. Of course all was a lie. He never told me that there was a rescission period and I felt very confident and I signed the contract.
After 10 days of vacations I came back home and I started my research to cancel my contract. As soon  wrote Royal H... Read More

Christine sent me a letter several times about buying my condo and I finally emailed her and said okay. She gave me offer and said because she was hearing impaired everything would be done through her broker and his associates. She would be leaving for 8 weeks but would keep in contact. She was going to send a check for $2900, $500 earnest money and the rest fees for the broker. I was to send the money thru moneygram. I did check the internet and I didn't find anything at that time. The check did come and I deposited it and I waited five days and nothing happened. So I thought the check was legitamate. We did as they ask and the next they said the fees were higher than they thought and needed another $300, she wanted me to take it out of the earnest money and she would return ... Read More

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