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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

As the legitimate owner of 2020 S McClintock Drive in Tempe, AZ on file with the appropriate state and county authorities, it is unacceptable to know that Sun Valley Marketing is using this address fraudulently. There is NO Sun Valley Marketing at 2020 S McClintock Drive, and Charles Duncan operating as Sun Valley Marketing is therefor a fraud.

Took a tour of the hotel. They tried to sell me a lifetime timeshare membership. I didn't bite and when they saw I wasn't interested they switched to offering an investment package. 5 years of timeshare ownership for $2,000 would give me 4 weeks to either use or have them to resale at a profit. Tulipmarket would do the resales but it cost $600 to employ Tulip. They would break each of my weeks into 3 and 4 day packages and resale for me at a profit (guaranteed according to Salvador) to get people to come to the resort to tour the facility because they averaged selling something to one of three visitors. Sounded plausible. I bit. Almost 2 years has passed. Contacted Tulip last year when I didn't receive my check as promised. They claimed I didn't properly list my weeks for them ... Read More

El Cid is a scam of all scams. They promise these great facilities but when you try to book a stay, it isn't available when you want it or you need to pay more money for the resort. The sales pitch is like all the ones out there, but here's where they get their money and you get left holding the bag. They tell you, specifically, Brandon Clack, tells you that El Cid will finance your timeshare so that it goes into the books, BUT when you get home (in the US), he tells you that you can get a lower interest rate. What isn't said is that, when you do just that (get a lower rate from your an institution in the US), El Cid gets their money and you have to pay or otherwise ruin your credit because you found out that El Cid was a scam because you can't do anything with their points. Don... Read More

This company along with New World Asset Connections scammed me out of $10,659.00 when they told me that they had a guaranteed buyer of our timeshare and that the "sales" money was in an escrow account ready to be transferred to our account once we wired them the money for a transfer fee, commission, and closing cost. We were suppose to close 10/30/15.

Nothing ever happened. I tried to contact both Ron Macky and Franklin Garcia after 10/30. Initially I was put on hold then sent to voice mail for both companies. Today (11/11/15) I tried to contact both companies again and discovered that their phone numbers had been disconnected. I live close enough to Wilson Moore's listed address so I drove to their "office" and ended up in the middle of an appartment co... Read More

Sent many emails stating absolutely that my time share had been sold. It had been bought by James and Kathy Black. I was now asked that I send $3449 to cover closing costs which include resort charges, appraisal fees, document stamps, title insurance. I put this money on my credit card at a charge of $300. Luckily I did not send the money on the advise of my lawyer and bank. Mr. Floyd then threatened to sue me and is still adamant that my timeshare has been sold. This is a total ripoff.


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