The Best Ways to Promote a Timeshare for Sale

Reselling a timeshare that you own can seem like an overwhelming prospect. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the process is simply deciding how to promote the timeshare. You can choose from a variety of strategies to attract buyers, some more effective than others.

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Your family situation has changed, and what was once the perfect vacation getaway is now no longer convenient. You have outgrown your timeshare and would like to sell it. You might well be wondering, in this situation, what are the best ways to promote your timeshare for sale.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when selling your timeshare. First of all, be realistic about the. Check what comparably sized units with similar features have sold for in the same area in recent history. Of course, as with most properties, the lowest priced units will generally attract the most attention. Therefore, if you want to sell your timeshare quickly, try to set your price slightly lower than comparable units in the same location and season. Be realistic about your pricing, regardless; it is not often that a timeshare that was purchased a number of years ago increases in value. You should expect, in most cases, to settle for somewhat less than your original investment.

Before listing your unit, make sure that you are completely clear on all your rights to the unit. For example, you need to know whether your timeshare is subject to a “Right to Use” agreement that is valid only for a specific number of years. Gather all of your documentation and become familiar with it so that you are prepared to expertly answer any questions that prospective buyers might ask. Your clear, straightforward answers will inspire confidence in these potential buyers and contribute to a quicker sale.

Promoting your timeshare with classified ads, both independently and through major timeshare clubs and associations, is a good start. Some owners have also found success by auctioning their timeshare on eBay. As you research how to price your timeshare, contact the timeshare’s resort developer. They may feature resale services, so check with them on their policies and commission rates. You might be able to get a higher price by selling through the developer rather than on your own, if those services are available and if the developer does not have too many new units that they need to sell.

Another option is listing your timeshare with a real estate agency. Most agencies work on commission, but some might assess an upfront fee. Commissions from real estate agencies for timeshares are typically higher than standard rates for an ordinary house or similar property. Shop around for the most reputable, ethical, and reasonably priced real estate agency in your area. In addition, check the Better Business Bureau data on the real estate agency you are considering before signing any contracts.

If you have any serious questions about details of your ownership and selling rights, or contracts with real estate agents, be sure to consult with an attorney. If anyone guarantees you a quick sale, be wary. There are plenty of scams and con men in the timeshare resale market, so be cautious and do your homework well in advance.


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