Explore the Beautiful Coastline of Wales with a Timeshare in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire might not be the first location that jumps to mind when you are deciding where to buy a timeshare. However, it is fast becoming a popular location for timeshares with many wonderful properties throughout the county. The area offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty with exciting nightlife and cultural opportunities.

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With its beautiful combination of rugged coastline and pristine white sand beaches, Pembrokeshire is widely regarded as one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Buying a timeshare in Pembrokeshire gives you a home base that allows you access to the beautiful terrain to explore as you see fit. With the area’s incredible geographic diversity, there is sure to be a timeshare in Pembrokeshire to suit anyone’s tastes.

Broad Haven

Broad Haven is a settlement in Pembrokeshire that can be perfect for those looking to escape to a town that is beautiful but still relatively close to modern conveniences. Boasting a population of less than 1,500, the village sits in the middle of the only coastal national park in all of the United Kingdom. With brilliant coastal views and excellent beaches, the community of Broad Haven features everything a timeshare seeker could want. Even though it is in a smaller community, Broad Haven itself is just six miles from Haverfordwest, which is the largest city in Pembrokeshire. Haverfordwest offers shopping, entertainment, and nightlife that would entertain even the most discerning visitors.


Farther north from Haverfordwest lies the town of Fishguard, which is the main shopping and entertainment city in the northern part of Pembrokeshire. Fishguard saw a spurt of growth near the beginning of the 20th century as its harbor was constructed, opening up trade with the rest of the United Kingdom. Fishguard is home to some fantastic scenery, and its northern-facing bay features a tidal quay that allows for some excellent fishing opportunities within the city limits. Fishguard has a rich and fascinating history; for example, it features the Royal Oak Pub, which was the site of the French surrender during the final invasion of the mainland of the United Kingdom. For those looking for a place to use as a base for an adventure, timeshares in Fishguard have convenient access to a ferry that takes its passengers to Rosslare in Ireland.

St Davids

For potential timeshare owners who prefer a smaller city experience, Pembrokeshire is home to the smallest city in England, St Davids. The city is the final resting place of the patron saint of Britain, and is home to a beautiful cathedral. With miles of untamed coastline and other land to explore nearby, St Davids is a great place for an adventurous traveller buy a timeshare. The local countryside is full of hiking and mountain biking opportunities ready to be enjoyed by adventurers from all over the world.

Pembrokeshire is a diverse and beautiful peninsula that offers a great variety of locations to explore. Whether you want a city to have a great night in or a vast amount of country to explore on foot, bike or horseback, Pembrokeshire has plenty to offer. Because three out of four sides of the county are surrounded by water, the place is home to some of the best coastlines in all of the United Kingdom, making it the perfect destination for those who love the ocean.


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