How Do RCI Points for a Timeshare Work?

Planning a timeshare vacation can be a confusing process, to say the least. Relying on the RCI program can make it significantly less so. The largest timeshare exchange program in the world, RCI can provide you with a tremendous amount of assistance, protection and flexibility as you plant your next getaway.

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One of the most popular such destinations is the Disney Club in Florida. The huge RCI points-based program for timeshare use offers a great deal of flexibility in your timeshare vacation options. You can use the points you earn to take advantage of many different benefits.

Timeshare Exchanges

You can use RCI points to exchange a vacation at a particular timeshare for one located at another RCI resort. This gives you the flexibility to choose from thousands of prime properties. You can decide the amount of time you wish to stay and the type of accommodations you prefer. A platinum RCI membership allows you to also upgrade your unit and receive rebates. If you want to save your points, you can opt for the Extra Vacations Getaways program, which gives you access to a timeshare without exchanging points.

Points Partner Program

The RCI Points Partner Program allows you to use a portion of your annual points for discounts on other vacation-related products, including hotel rooms, airfare, car rentals and amusement park passes.

Shopping Perks

You can receive cash perks by participating in the shopping perks program, which provides convenient one-stop shopping exclusively for RCI members. Perhaps more importantly, it allows you to earn a cash refund of up to 25 percent on items you purchase from participating companies.


RCI membership also gives you access to a variety of bonuses. These include guaranteed best prices for getaways, discounted cruise vacations, exclusive travel benefits and a gift program that allows you to use points to send friends and family on vacation.

Vacation Guides

Vacation Guides will work with you to plan the perfect trip. These knowledgeable team members can give you advice and details about the 4,000 resort options included in the RCI program. They are dedicated to making sure all details are properly handled so that you can simply relax and enjoy your trip.


The company actually has its own television channel. It allows you to view showcase resorts so that you can compare them and make an informed decision without having actually been there in person. The footage shows the room sizes, amenities and local attractions, helping make the trip planning phase more fun and less stressful.

“Endless Vacation” Magazine

Another fabulous benefit of being part of the RCI program is the included subscription to the company’s exclusive magazine. It provides suggestions and details about the best places to stay, relax, dine and unwind at destinations all over the world.

The timeshare industry is highly competitive, but RCI gives you a great deal of flexibility and protection for your vacation needs. You can use RCI timeshare points in many different ways, and you will receive access to a plethora of helpful information and travel rewards. Perhaps most importantly, the program guarantees you the best possible prices for every stay.


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