Dorset: Your Timeshare Home Across the Pond

People who have visited Dorset, England often call it one of the most beautiful places on earth. You might think, if you cannot afford a second home there, that your opportunities to visit Dorset are very limited. However, purchasing a Dorset timeshare can allow you to return to the area every year.

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Known for its natural beauty, rolling hillsides, picturesque English Channel coastlines and sandy beaches, Dorset is one of the most visited counties in southwest England. Dorset’s coastline stretches from Lyme Regis in the west to Christchurch in the east, including the famous holiday resorts of Bournemont, Poole and Weymouth. The historical Bournemouth International Centre is a popular venue for live entertainment, as well as business conferences and art exhibitions.

In 2001, Dorset was awarded the prestigious World Heritage Status award by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. When London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, the sailing events took place in nearby Weymouth. Dorset is also the birthplace of the famous novelist Thomas Hardy and the English poet William Barnes.

As many travelers know, hotel accommodations can be exorbitantly priced, especially when you are traveling with your entire family. Because of this, it is no wonder that more and more people are considering the timeshare option when traveling for business or for pleasure. Timeshares can be found all over the world and most are located in resort areas; Dorset offers several different popular options.

A timeshare is simply a property that is owned by more than one person – in many cases, people who have no particular connection to each other other than their joint ownership of the property in question. As opposed to an ordinary home that is generally owned by one individual or one couple, a single timeshare can be owned by many different people, each of whom has the right to use it at a different time of year.

Timeshares are almost always pet-friendly. Many timeshares feature more than two bedrooms and bathrooms, a full eat-in kitchen, a spacious living room and full furnishings.

If you wish to travel to or near Dorset, you will have access to many different timeshare options. Since actually purchasing a vacation home outright might well be beyond your budget, you might find that a timeshare is the perfect solution. Timeshares in the neighboring town of Dorchester are the most popular in this region, including the Acorn Inn, the Fox Inn and the Brace of Pheasants. Additional timeshare properties can be found at the White Lion Inn and Restaurant in Gillingham and the Hunter’s Moon in Shelbourne.

Dorset timeshares are available to suit all budgets. Many Dorset timeshare locations feature magnificent beachfront access, spacious gardens, and views of the glorious English countryside. Most cottage timeshares accommodate up to eight or more guests. Most of these Dorset timeshares are within walking distance of restaurants, shops and pubs and offer self-catering accommodations.

Whether you are visiting Dorset for business or pleasure, taking a romantic holiday for two or traveling with your entire family or group of friends, a timeshare offers you the freedom of enjoying your stay in your own home away from home, instead of an overpriced, under furnished hotel room. Once you experience the beauty and charm of this cozy town along the English coastline, it is certain that you will want to head back to Dorset year after year.

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