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Breckenridge Peak 8 Timeshare Construction Receives Preliminary Approval

Pending final approval by the town council, a brand new luxury timeshare resort will soon be built to replace the existing Bergenhof ski lodge.

If all goes according to the plans of the timeshare company Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV), the Bergenhof ski lodge, affectionately referred to as "Bergie", is set to be torn down and replaced by a five-story luxury timeshare condo building. Minus the support of Councilman Ben Brewer, the proposal to construct this new building has been approved 4-1, with the final vote coming later in the month.

According to supporters of the new building, which will include 80 timeshare units, the new development will bring jobs and revenue to the Breckenridge Ski Resort. Currently, Breckenridge Grand Vacations already has a timeshare building called the Grand Lodge on the ski resort property, but the condos it contains are predicted to sell out within the next six to eight years, resulting in a loss of jobs. With the new building, not only will 100 new jobs be created, but 130 more will be created to replace the jobs that will be lost when the Grand Lodge sells out.

Although it is predicted that the plans will go through upon the second vote, there are some environmental concerns about the construction of the new building. The new building will be located on the Peak 8 baseline, which is also the location of the Cucumber Gulch. The Cucumber Gulch is a wetland area below the Peak 8 base; it is vitally important to region’s ecology. Some are concerned that this new development may have a detrimental effect on the health of the Cucumber Gulch, which is why Councilman Ben Brewer voted against the first proposal. Environmental stipulations meant to protect the Cucumber Gulch will be added to the second proposal, which will increase the proposal's chances of receiving final approval at the end of the month.

Although this new luxury condo timeshare will help provide a significant infusion of jobs and money to the Breckenridge Ski Resort, the proposal has been bittersweet simply because it means "Bergie" will have to be torn down. For years, Bergie has been a beloved landmark that has provided the setting for many people's memories of the Breckenridge Ski Resort. Because of this, developers want to create a bar or restaurant that will celebrate Bergie's name and history. Along with adding Bergie to the name of the planned establishment, planners of the new luxury condos also want to include some memorable artifacts from Bergie. This will help to keep the Bergie name alive in the hearts and minds of those who remember it fondly.

If approval of the construction of these new luxury condos is finalized at the end of the month, it is estimated that the project will bring about three million dollars in revenue into the area through real estate transfer tax. Aside from the environmental concerns, which will be addressed in the plan’s final version, this new luxury condo timeshare building appears poised to significantly benefit both the ski resort and the area’s residents.

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