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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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2019 took tour /sales program (suppose to last max 90 minutes). After 4 HOURS told rep that we had enough, please give us our gift so that we could leave. Were told by rep, no problem. 4-6 persons came at us one after the other. So much for a quick exit. I got anger by this point and made it clear that we wanted our free gift and th let us out of there. Rep got angry and told us that we will never be invited back to the resort. 1 year later at a different resort we were ask to take a tour. We agreed. The next day we received a call that there was a glitch in their system and that we could not tale the tour program. they would not give a clear explanation as to why we could not be rescheduled. I sure we have been "Blackball" a manager was suppose to call us ab... Read More

We bought timeshare in Sedona
Paid $15000 we only had half chair , and points paid full maintance fee
Whant to sell it they say no and had to take us to court

On Nov. 8, 2017 I bought a Wyndham Resorts timeshare ONLY because Orlando Milner assured me that since Wyndham had purchased RCI, Wyndham would take over the annual payments my elderly mother and I were making to RCI. I would then make payments only to Wyndham and be a member of their Wyndham Vacation Ownership program. Orlando assured me that the payments to Wyndham would NOT be in addition to the RCI payments. I would only pay the annual Wyndham fees.
I have been waiting since the purchase to receive a quit claim deed form that my mother and I would sign over to Wyndham. Needless to say, in spite of numerous attempts to contact anyone at Wyndham, I have been ignored. Phone messages and emails have rarely been returned and when they have it has just been to set up a time to t... Read More

I was told that I would be able to cancel this time share with no problems. They also stated he policy would not take effect until three months after but it stared immediately drafting my payments out of my account. I tried to call and cancel the policy but no one was helpful including the corporate office. I was told that I had to call another to see if they would buy out my timeshare. I'm stuck paying for a timeshare I do not want nor will I ever use! Can anyone help me with disapating this policy?

I both this time share in 9/13/1987--in 1993 the went under so they gave me a quick claim deed in 1994--from a trustee ,and in 9/4 2012 i received a letter stating that
two owner owned this unit and that i didn't buy my unit until 1994,so i told she to sent me a paid in full deed that is the only deed i would except from you,i have never heard from her again---she claim she was from Steward
Title,so i pulled the records,and the primary owner is not me,and now they have me i collection because i want pay anymore--so the want allow me use my unit,and they want talk to me--they tell me i need to talk to collection,and she tell me i need to pay what ever they sent.I showed collection the letter that said i was not the owner,she told me she did;t believe me.

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