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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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we started with pro time share resales in june 2016; we are here at 2017 with no sale; we put money up front as in their contract; for sales purposes; we internet signed; we used a credit card with Barclay bank; maybe I could get some of my money back from Barclay ; all payments were made to Barclay visa card;;agent vern said she would get together at the end of the month; I did everything legal according to their contract; they even gave me 900. credit for my loss to condo trader towards my contract with protimeshareresalesl com; I had no idea that pro time might have been dishonest; ad, agreement,10728.21547(2016-02-02 1351.pdf between protimeshareresales and claude b busby is signed and filed. and signed

When they first contact you for $1545 your getting a quality salesman who will get you top dollar offers on your time share. I have a very nice 3 bed 2 bath Orange Lake on the golf course. After months of not hearing from your salesman unless you call him, the company will call you to tell you for another $1500 you will get a senior salesman like Mr. Andrus Holmes who will tell you he is the best in the business. To get the $1500 more he will call you as many as 6 times a day. He will tell you to pay the $1500 because he will get you top offers and that's why he makes the big money. After 25 phone calls Andrus reduces his price by $200. He stated that my time share now sells for approx. $48,000. He told me he would have my phone ringing off the hook with offers around $29,000. We... Read More

Still not answering emails requesting a progress report on resale of a timeshare week. An email direst to the owner, Mr Wenz, produced a reply from an administrative assistant, promising a reply that day from the salesman. Two weeks later, still no reply. No reply from administration or company owner for over a week. Emails have been resent. Will I get a reply? I will not hold my breath.
It seems that once they have taken your listing fee, that is the end of the matter for them, and you.

I have been unable to get a reply from this company for at least three months. They have got my money, listed my resort week and taken further funds out of my Visa account without contacting me in any way. I realise that their passive advertising is not likely to produce results, but was lead to believe that some active marketing would be undertaken. I cannot get a reply from them on progress or lack of it. Their service has been no better than that of the defunct Vacation Property Solutions which clearly was no more than a scam. Which I didnt realise until too late.
Surely answering emails is not too much to ask

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