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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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They called me to buy my time share they found me through a website and came up with an offer than told me I had to pay rfc permits from Mexico so I can have a paper trail for irs so I sent a wire transfer for me and my wife total of 7750 to a bank hsbc in Mexico but I had to speak to capital access holdings, then after that they tell me I have to pay a 25% SAT tax to get funded so now it became double the amount I had to wire transfer which I hesitated then I asked around for advice and found out it was fraud it looked so legit so watch out guys don’t lose money like I did now I got in debt for going this route just remember there is no jumping ahead in life u can only take it step by step is what I learned from this

Received “letter of intent” to purchase timeshares for much more than initial purchase price. They controlled esscrow company and offer had a 5% broker fee along with a 5% hold back after purchase. Website and voicemail are simply shells and not professional.

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