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We were contacted to sell our vacation package to Master International. They drew up a contract offering $5,000. more than we had paid for it. The sent us a letter of intent showing that a company from Japan was purchasing a lot of 100 packages. They sent a bank statement from Citibanamex showing the money in an escrow account. Amanda Gill called and went over the contract and explained that we needed to pay $1570 for a Temporary (90 day) Naturalization and $550. for a Tax Identification number because our package was in Mexico. She reassured us that the money would be reimbursed by the buyer. We got a statement showing that the money had been deposited into our account. There were many other fees and taxes that came up, each time the money was reimbursed in the bank accou... Read More

I have talked to sales broker George Micheals and Amanda Gill senior Broker, of Master International Company, 1090 3rd Ave #9B, New York, NY 10065 and Richard Shore Head Escrow Officer of Management Group International, 132 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023 for the last 2 months. In that time they all very nice and answered all my questions, encourage me to check them out. I was very apprehensive because it was to good to be true and seemed quite simple. Letter of Intent, Sales aggrandizement and Citibanamex's trust application were sent to me, I was told at the beginning we would not have to send any money or pay any fees. (which didn't sound right to me) I went along with everything as long as we did not have to put our Social Security information or have to pay any money. Whe... Read More

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