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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

Complaints  >   Magnum realty, Capital transfer Company

This was a very elaborate well planned scam. A friend of my nevwas contacted from Magnum Realty by phone in April 2018 to sell her timeshare. She passed the info to me and I called them. Chris Johnson told me to send by timeshare info and that they were representing companies that wanted to buy time shares in Mexico for their employees to visit. They sent us an offer and contract. They contacted us by phone and email. Early in the deal, they started asking for money for a tax number and taxes for the state of Narit. The deal seemed very real as we talked to someone from the SAT office is n Mexico and the buyer Frances Harrington from the UK. Erickn Esparasa was our contact at Capital Transfer. Every time we paid money, the money appeared on n an escrow account. We finally agreed ... Read More

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