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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I was contacted about my 6 bonus weeks I have each year. I was told, since I am not going to use them the company can sell them for me. All I need to do was activate the weeks ($399) so they are available for them to sell ($1400). I have 6 bonus weeks each year, and I can sell them for the lowest amount of $1400. Rob told me I can actually receive more than $1400, but he would not recommend doing that my first time around. He also told me he would sell them within 60-90 days from today. Most of the sales usually happen in about 75 days. He said I have 180 day guarantee for my money back.
The representative told me I had 10 days to cancel my order. I just tried to call the 1 800 # I have and no-one is answering me. When I press the options a recording states, "no-one is ava... Read More

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