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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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I have not heard from them after I sent all the money they required for the finish sale and for them to send me the check offered. The check has not been received. I have tried calling and they do not answer any of the numbers they had given me.

I was called and informed that they had a buyer for our Las Vegas Timeshare, price $24,000. I just needed to mail a money order or cashiers check for $2176, a Processing Fee, refundable at closing in 60 days. We did. I received a call Thursday, April 27, informing me that we needed to transfer $2,347 for legal closing documents from our Bank account to theirs. I questioned this procedure and the caller became very disrepectful. I hung up. Later was called by his, so call superior to reprimand me for hanging up as they have worked very hard to sell our Timeshare.

Entered into a sales agreement for sale of timeshare. After paying $2175. for closing fees, I was told that they were requesting a lien search to confirm property was marketable. That was a month ago. Haven't heard a word since. Can't reach anyone at any of the phone #s. I called the resort I own timeshare in and they told me no one has done an inquiry about lien. What crooks!

Further to our earlier letter regarding the Preliminary Title Report for your timeshare property, please be advised that we have received confirmation that the title report shows no title defects or encumbrances or any other legal impediments that would interfere with the sale and transfer of your property to the Buyer. We confirm that you have "good and marketable title" to your property and we may now move forward to complete the sale to the Buyer.

Therefore, the sale of your property shall proceed as planned. We will continue to keep you advised in writing as we achieve each milestone in the closing process.


Alex Baldwin

Vice President of the Closing Department

Sent them $2175....Just told us they have a check waiting for $17026 , just need to send them a $1000 to pay for tax stamp. WTF !!! How can people do this to others.

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