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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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2 orgs trying hustle me one is c/o Grand-view Las Vegas po box 9610 coral springs florida other is the Grand-view at las Vegas po box 405947 po box Atlanta Ga 30384-5947 can u stop them from sending me to debt collection crooks? i yold this compnay to cancel this but they transferred my name i can pay due to fires innorthern calif we are out of work

they sold me or gifted me a resort @ las vegas grandview thru 3rd party seller on ebay called vacationproperties forless they inturn added my name to the resort iwas omly supose bay 806 i sent a money order to daily managemnet in atalnat 100 they never sent me invoice or anything ilooked up the agency and they are unlisted brokers and licensed expired company this a smooth hustle they trying get me to pay extra 5.00 and they have 2 companies as ther bill collectors

At Las Vegas Sales Office, they promised us that we have One Week Every Year to occupy at the Resort.
My Wife and I took the Resort on Installment Payment. There was not anytime or year that we made use of the Resort since we bought it, because of work time reasons. But we never failed on our payments and yearly maintenance fees.
Right after we have paid the Timeshare in full, the Resort Management informed us that we bought an every 3-year, one week occupancy. We were devastated, but we continued to pay the yearly maintenance, to comply with their collection insistence. Why did they trick us on the yearly Occupancy and why did the Resort collected yearly Maintenance fees, if they say we can only occupy every 3 years?

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