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Timeshare Scams and Fraud

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We were vacationing in Las Vegas when we approached in the lobby of Circus Circus and offered a gift if we attended a sales presentation. Since we were told this would take no longer than 90 minutes, we agreed. When we arrived, we were paired with a member of the sales staff that pressured us into making a purchase for hours. Every time that we said no, we were approached by more sales staff that continued to offer “new” and “better” packages. When we finally agreed, we learned that they had already run our credit, even though we had never consented. We were so uncomfortable but felt like we had to make a purchase to leave! Every time we have booked time with this membership, we have been forced to attend an owners meeting, which is just another sales presentation!... Read More

My husband and I got involved in a orientation through pigeon forge. We were to be at the preview center in August 2019 at 8 am. We arrived early and really just went to get our money back that we spent at Captian Jim's seafood buffet and they also said we would get a free 3 day 2 night trip to pigeon forge TN for a gift. They said we would not be there but for 120 minutes. We met with Carey he dud the orientation and he tried to sell us points and we told him no at least 6 different times. They just kept on and on and on and sending more and more people filling our heads with what I thought at the time was stressful and kind of pressuring too. We kept telling them that we couldn't afford what they were selling and we needed to leave because we had a 6 hour drive home. They kept ... Read More

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