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Hello everyone, I was reading through these comments , ando thought you should know. I was also working with bnb llc international , and they are a legit company. I received 23,456 dollars for my vacation home. You have nothing to worry about. I’m actually on vacation with my whole family thanks to all the hard work bnb llc international did for me. Great service they will work for you diligently until you receive your money.

This company called me and said they wanted to purchase my timeshare in Mexico.. sent me all kinds of paper work.. everything looked legit.. told me it would not cost us anything!! make a long story short. I had to send 5,470 which was for US Tax Identification number and US Certificate of Naturalization.. they had sent me proof of that money sitting in a Escrow account I was sent bank information with all this
information on it with our name on it we call the bank there to make sure.. the bank told us the amount and when it was deposit .. and also the 70 thousand that they was paying us for the sale.. so our closing date was set for May 31st we would have that Minus the 10% that the sales person gets.. ok 2 weeks before closing we get email that every was good but they had ... Read More

Vincent Goldman with the scrow office asked me for money ($3500) for a Mexican citizenship and a tax Id and told me a big history that I going to make a big profit if a sale my time share

I was contacted over the phone to sell my timeshare. Said they had a buyer that wanted 100 timeshares to purchase and they were going to pay $18K for mine. Everything was going at warp speed once we got started. Then they wanted us to pay $2150.00 for a Naturalization Document and an TAX NUMBER for Mexico. Said it would be reimbursed through the escrow account with CitiMex that had been set up and forwarded to me. (I tried to call them too to check the funds and those numbers didnt work.)My husband wanted me to find out more about it. I looked up and found all these stories about people being ripped off from other companies saying the exact same thing. So I politely told them we could not afford to pay that amount or any amount because we were really strapped in our finances ri... Read More

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