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I would like to make a formal complaint against Bluegreen Timeshare. I have tried to resolve the matter with them. I requested cancellation of contract and a refund because they have violated my rights. I was tricked into this contract and it took some time to understand that I had been lied to. I was misled, deceived, ignored, disrespected, lied to outright repeatedly and told something completely different form what I was getting. I was unable to leave the presentation, under duress, pressured, hungry and they would not stop. They told me we couldn’t leave because if I did then I could never get this chance again and I would have to forfeit and return the $175 in gift cards if I decided not to purchase. They added “free” vacations and trips which are far too expensive to ... Read More

told by sales resp. and his supervisor was present that if I would update to a bronze level - then I could convert points to choice and get enough 4x as many - points to pay off my maintence fee every year and then for 300$ a week or less I could rent what ever time share I wanted.
maintence fee due now over a thousand $ and the most I can get is turn in 20000 points that I have (only 10000 are this years) to get 200$ off. hardly going to pay all of my maintence fees every year

Beware!!! Bluegreen Sampler sounds good but is too difficult to schedule a real vacation trip except for very restrictive dates that prohibit one from using their premier properties. The ones that are less desirable are the only ones available for you to use your points on unless you want to go to a vacation locale during the off season (not a shoulder season). They are very nice on the phone when they tell you each time you call that they can't help you with the vacation that you just worked out plans for.

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