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This company keeps calling me to ask me about selling my timeshare. I have repeatedly told them to take me off their list but they promptly hang up and I keep getting these annoying calls. It is clearly an offshore call center because the callers have a thick Filipino accent.

We had just purchased a timeshare from Holiday Inn Orange Lake Resorts May 2012. A couple months later, you know, the time when you're second guessing your timeshare purchase, we received a phone call from someone (don't remember their name) from Access Travel Network wanting to rent out our "extra RCI weeks" from our timeshare. They claimed that they had huge companies that rent rooms by volume so that they can send employees down for big conferences or special events. They said that these companies are willing to pay an extremely high amount to ensure that they get enough rooms for their entire group of employees. I told him that I would think about it and discuss it with my husband when he got home from work. Of course, he pressured me because Super Bowl weekend w... Read More

We were contacted by Access in Nov 2012 asking to sell our timeshares they needed 10 weeks, so we said yes sent them $1490.00 Nov 23 2012 . In April about the the 18th 2013 we were contacted by Mr Davis 561-244-5460 said he was with access and he had sold our 10 weeks. We were to send 1500.00 for condo fees to a Mr Alvarado in Middleton Florida which we did through Western Union MTCN # 401-398-2487 when they received the money he would call us and send our money to us. Well needless to say we are at June 20th Mr Davis does not answer his phone and we have not received any money. Spoke with Access and they said there law firm is looking into it.

Yes I and my Wife Fell victims of these people based on their promisses that we all have herd.
We comitted Dec 3rd 2012 and I called the no hassle cancelation hotline (877-253-0718) less then 7 days from date stated above and spoke with Robin to cancle, she said no problem, if the transaction isnt reversed in 5 days to call her back. I still cant contact her and it is now the 1st of May 2013. I just called (877-253-0718) and left a mesage for Vice President David Michaels "CTN and left a complaint I hope to here from him. i ALSO HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY Brian Cannely with "Buisness Travel Networks" and he has given me the same BS that I got from Michael Williams to Sell my unused Rci Bonus weeks, and 2 other companys as well in the last week.
Their should be a alert... Read More

Access Travel Network uses unfair business practice to claim rent of your RCI timeshare weeks and then denies refund of the upfront money On Nov 6 2012, I was contacted and lulled into a sales pitch of Access Travel Network being able to rent my supposed alotted RCI timeshare weeks to corporations during major entertainment events such as the Super Bowl when demand would be high. They ask for you to pay up front for the per week exchange fee of $149 per week for 12 weeks of rental for a total of $1788 and then they will rent it out at $1500 per week and send you the checks. They authorize you credit card over the phone at that point and you are charged. The contract they ask you to sign states a refund is offered within 7 days but is non-refundable if after signing the contract. ... Read More

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