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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I have been unable to get a reply from this company for at least three months. They have got my money, listed my resort week and taken further funds out of my Visa account without contacting me in any way. I realise that their passive advertising is not likely to produce results, but was lead to believe that some active marketing would be undertaken. I cannot get a reply from them on progress or lack of it. Their service has been no better than that of the defunct Vacation Property Solutions which clearly was no more than a scam. Which I didnt realise until too late.
Surely answering emails is not too much to ask

Like so many others I was dumb enough to send a $2175 "deposit". I got a few emails and phone calls so I felt that maybe they were legit. However, when I tried to contact the month before closing no one answered the phones and the web site disappeared. ("agent" today said said emails/letters went to all clients informing them of their move across country.-I never saw anything)
Today I got a call (couldn't understand his name) saying that I had an international buyer and since GWF wasn't doing the financing I had to send money for the transfer. I asked why/explained that I wasn't giving them another penny, etc. until he could prove GWF was more than a con. The more questions I asked the more hostile the "agent" got. I just hung up.

Unlimited Outsourcing, Inc., a company out of Columbia, SC, called me and said they had a buyer for my timeshare. I was then emailed a Purchase Agreement signed buy the buyers, Leland Hunt and Catherine Hunt from Kentucky.
I was not sold on this and told Eric on the phone that anybody could have signed this agreement. He said he would have them (the buyers) get their signatures notarized. I then received another copy of the Purchase Agreement with a notary's signature and stamp out of Kentucky.
It stated the Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Watauga. I researched the notary's ID# and found the same notary stamp on a document in Florida, just the name was different. It had the same date their commission expired and the same ID#. Also, there is no county in Kentucky called Wataug... Read More

Told us they had a buyer, took our fee and disappeared.

Promising Vacation Village @ Weston Owners rental $$ in exchange for upfront money.

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