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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

We stupidly bought a timeshare while on our honeymoon in St. John. Most foolish/worst financial decision of our lives. This was July 2011. We've been trying to get rid of it since then. We've fallen prey once already to a company claiming to resell it for us. Since then we disregarded several more attempts to scam us around this issue. Sadly, in late January we got another resale offer. This one looked legitimate possibly. I forwarded the contract to an attorney who I spoke to but he stopped engaging. We had several phone conversations with the person posing as Jennifer Allen and felt there was legitimacy to this. We moved forward. We wired $1250 for fees that were "guaranteed" to be returned upon closing. An additional $1043 was wired for taxes (non-returnable. our onl... Read More

We went to a timeshare presentation at Pueblo bonito. Upon my return home I was reviewing documents and noticed my 15 year deal was for 30 years. We were told that we could have them rent our week if needed or they could also re-sell the unit if needed. but all was a lie. We have tried contacting them at many different numbers but they never answer or returned our calls . we tried to cancel our timeshare but we got threatened by them and they told us that our credit score would be affected and that we would have pay an extra 25% of our membership. One day, we found Mexican Timeshare Solutions online while trying to find someone who would buy our timeshare and 5 months later, they were able to get the cancellation of our contract.

Beware and stay away from Pueblo Bonito they are scammers!

Promise to get you out of existing timeshare and give you 100 weeks for 50 years of vacation in any which way you want to vacation Cruises/Resorts/Hotels/etc.... At a value of $1500 per week used and a maintenance fee of only $99 a year. It's been a year and I continue to get the runaround on how to use it, and I'm still stuck with the existing timeshare and its maintenance high fees.

The identity and address of First Allied Properties, Inc., NY was stolen by criminals to commit timeshare fraud. The legitimate First Allied Properties, Inc. NY does not engage in timeshare sales or buy property for its clients. The criminals have been reported to law enforcement.

You are urged not to give the fraudsters any money or information. The criminals usually contact their intended victims initially by phone. Keep a record the phone number from which they call you and report them to law enforcement.

For more information, the only website of the legitimate First Allied Properties, Inc. NY is entitled: or you can google First Allied Properties, Inc., NY Identity Theft and Fraud Warning.

Dont invest in timeshare field with royal holiday , they are scammers. When I tried to reserve a vacation I discovered that I have to wait 40-45 days before I reserve a vacation to see if any hotel has a vacancy and then I can go. Meaning that if I want to go to Cancun I have to wait until there is any vacancy and I can't find then the expiration date end and I can't go any more. Also when you are working you can't take vacation whenever you want. A warning to those looking to buy at Royal Holiday: Make sure everything the salesperson says that makes the purchase sound appealing is written down, signed and dated by the salesperson. If it sounds too good to be true, or sounds like this would make a "great investment" and "pay for itself over time".... get it i... Read More

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