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If you have been victimized by either a timeshare resale firm or a timeshare resort, add your complaint below.

Timeshare Scams and Fraud

I believe that I have been a victim of a timeshare scam by person(s) posing as timeshare resale agents. I was contacted by phone promising that I would receive a substantial profitable return if I would allow them to sell my resort property to an investment group looking for timeshare properties like what I had. Please note that I never contacted these people or gave them any resort information, but yet they knew what I had.
After some persistent phone calls over a period of weeks I received an e-mail with an offer to sell form attached. It looked authentic written in a business and professional like manner. Took their business information and researched them on the web. Address, phone number, etc. checked out. Had a well-designed website and found nothing adverse about them and... Read More

Fui estafado con la compra de un tiempo compartido en Villa Group. Creo que no hay cosa de la que me arrepienta más en la vida. Cada vez que intentaba reservar en Villa del Arco me decían que no había disponibilidad y que tenía que pagar para quedarme en Villa del Palmar. También me dijeron que si no quería quedarme en cualquier resort de Villa Group sería fácil intercambiar mi semana en otro resort a través de interval, eso era verdad, pero no tan fácil como el vendedor me lo había dicho, en algunos lugares nunca hay disponibilidad, lo intenté por años y nunca había disponibilidad, los últimos años tuve que pagar por mis vacaciones a demás de tener que pagar por mi tiempo compartido. Una vez que compras en este resort te encuentras atado, intenté venderlo, pe... Read More

I’m so frustrated with my timeshare. I paid out tens of thousands for mine only to find out that there aren’t any vacations available. I bought a timeshare 2 years ago. This book saved me thousands in legal fees and time. It’s a short book, but tells you what steps to take to legally get out of a timeshare. Don’t pay companies to get you out of your timeshare. They are scammers, too! I hope this book helps you, too.

This appears to be a scam related to others reported here. Company purports to have a buyer who has already placed in escrow the purchase funds. The sales price is very lucrative, more than I paid for the property. All I have to do is send 11% of the sales price for the Mexican notary public to process the sale.

I checked on the travel agency, and it has been in business in Oregon for 40 years, registered with the state, so this appears to be a situation where they have appropriated a business somehow. I also check on Mexican law regarding the use of the notary public. In Mexico, a notary is actually an attorney and is required for the transfer of property. However, a notary typically charges 3-5% of the contract price, and is paid by the buyer, not the seller.

I imagine after... Read More

Tenía un tiempo compartido en Raintree, llevaba años pagando sin poder reservar cuando quería vacacionar, por no tener espacio, nunca pude usarlo. El mantenimiento se paga en dólares y ya no podía pagarlo. Les envié una carta solicitando la cancelación a la cual se negaron, ofreciéndome "alternativas" que solo me hacían gastar más dinero por algo que ni siquiera podía usar. Además de que pasaba por una racha muy mala en mi empresa y me tenía prácticamente en banca rota, les expliqué esto y no les importó.

Me sentía engañado y usado, me retrasé en varias mensualidades, porque no podía seguir pagando y vivía con estrés todo el tiempo, porque no quería arruinar mi historial con el banco, por algo que ni siquiera yo quería seguir teniendo. Busqu... Read More

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