The Pros and Cons of Staying in a Timeshare for Individuals Who are Handicapped

If you or a member of your family is handicapped, you likely are used to researching travel destinations in advance to ensure that they are handicapped-accessible. This is still wise before you buy or rent a timeshare. However, you might be surprised by just how ideal a timeshare vacation can be for someone who is handicapped.

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One of the most expensive aspects of visiting any location is the overall cost of hotels. The price of renting out a nice hotel room often greatly exceeds the price of airline tickets, renting a vehicle or food. You may think that it is impossible to reduce the overall cost of room and board on a trip without reducing the quality of stay. However, in many cases investing in a timeshare property can do just that. Timeshare properties allow you to pay a set fee in exchange for a period of time during the year during which you can stay at the property. These facilities can be found at the most beautiful, luxurious and exotic locations around the world.

If you or someone in your family is handicapped, timeshares can be an even more attractive option. A timeshare can be ideal in this situation simply because it offers far more comfort and flexibility than most alternatives. For one thing, a timeshare generally offers much more room and more services than a traditional hotel. In addition, you do not have to deal with close quarters and large crowds, which makes it easier for a handicapped individual to move around freely without navigating through the large throngs of people in small spaces. This should make it far easier for you to enjoy your time without worrying about having enough space or flexibility.

Of course, before you invest into a timeshare, it is important that you learn everything there is to learn regarding the building and the rest of the facility as it relates to a handicapped person. If you or one of your party members is handicapped, it is essential to know whether the location is handicapped-accessible or not, as well as whether the major attractions at and near the property are prepared to handle your unique situation. You would of course not want to invest in a property, only to find yourself or one of your party members not able to fully enjoy it. In particular, there are several key specifications and details you should find out in advance in order to determine if the property is right for you.

For starters, it is a good idea to ask when the building was built. New structures must all be built with handicapped-accessible layouts and other services to ensure that all individuals, no matter what their physical capabilities, are able to gain access to any location inside the building. If the building is on the older side, however, you will need to ask if it contains entrance ramps, elevators and any other necessary equipment. Of course, if there is no permanent entrance ramp preinstalled at the location you are considering, the property will likely be able to ensure that portable ramps are installed before your arrival.

Determining if a location is handicapped accessible is important, because you need to know if everyone in your party is able to gain access to the accommodations. If you are looking into the possibility of investing in a timeshare property, however, you may be surprised how enjoyable this type of vacation can be — whether you are handicapped or not.

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